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IngridBlond, Swedish Angel, Car Hop, First Girl to Break ...

By Myfilmproject09


Blond, swedish angel, car hop, first girl to break my heart. Not that I did. My girls and I slowly seemed to take it bad for a day and then seem to be ok. Sorta! First night, at a party, we circle each other, talk a little, I can't take my eyes off her, but manage to go home with a raven-haired girl. Two weeks later, party at her Ingrid's , she asked a friend to make sure I'm there, like teenagers, after all we are teens. I go, she's cool, mostly ignores him, then she starts a fire in the backyard and all of us hang out, and I end uup in those mysterious ways, beside her, and she has a blanket in the cool night and we end up cozy under it as the fire dies and we don't even know that everyone else is gone because we can only see each other and don't need anything else. Ingrid was the makeout queen, holding each other. I had no car at that time so I and and my friend Perry and his girl and his car and Ingrid and I. Sometimes I get my dad's car for an evening and it was everything for us. But it changed, Ingrid found someone at the carhop job. It breaks my heart, I never really came back from that time. Even after, when she sees me and a high school dance I didn't want to see her again. But eventually she wanted to see me again and she did and but it didn't work like it did before. Perry and his girl drive us to the park but it wasn't good. I saw her a few years after graduation high school. She was hanging around with the Greasers, tough guys  I was not.


One time though, when I wasn't with Ingrid, and I met a girl at the House Of Pizza, where teens like us would hang around inside, listen to rock and roll. She was a dark haired who bewitched me in a sense, it wasn't my fault, haunted, can't remember her name. We danced from a radio and held each other. The place was brick and dark and nobody around and smelling of old people and dark walls and I began to not like it. Maybe even scared more. Maybe like being scared that I would lose my sole being a Catholic boy. It was serious in the way enough to try it. And I wasn't. I didn't want to show that, but she was just something that was. I stayed for a while and. I remember that from the movie Citizen Kane. I saw that movie a few weeks ago. The smell of old wood and dark walls and I didn't like it and didn't want to go in because I was scared, scared that that I'd lose my soul. It was serious with her, not just a guy and a girl and some fooling around. I never saw her again and wondered where she was. I often remember her and something that in that dark old house. And I wondered to think about her, mysterious and that house and what could I have known.

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