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Infographic: Today’s Superwomen In the Workforce

Posted on the 12 September 2012 by Classycareergirl @classycareer

Women are quickly becoming the majority population of workers in the American workforce. As opportunities for women have increased over time, so too has women’s desire to work. No matter the situation in life, women are increasingly diving into the workforce, and sometimes represent the sole income for their families. More women are working full time than ever before, thanks to increased education and pay for female workers. Women are also increasingly becoming the majority population in American colleges and universities, paving the way forward to newer, better opportunities in the future.

Despite these increases, however, women are still paid a significant amount less than their male counterparts. Though, with hard work, time, and dedication to their positions, American women hope that this statistic will someday change, placing men and women on equal footing when it comes to salary.

The following infographic highlights some facts and figures about women in the workforce today, and proves why women are “Superwomen, Superworkers!”

Superwoman workforce business infographic

Infographic via Carrington College.

 What do you think about today’s superwomen in the workforce?  Did any of the statistics shock you?

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