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Infographic: 5 Natural Ways to Control High Blood Pressure

By Grayson Hayes @cavemandietblog
Natural Waye to Control High Blood Pressure Banner

Natural Waye to Control High Blood Pressure Banner

5 Natural Ways to Control High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also known as Hypertension, is one of the most pervasive and dangerous conditions affecting Americans on a daily basis.

“Blood pressure” refers to the sum of force that is required for blood to push against the walls of the arteries, as they move the blood flow, from your heart, to the rest of your entire body. Understandably, having a high

high blood pressure inforgraphic
amount of force consistently pushing through the delicate tissue of the arteries will lead to cardiovascular damage. This type of damage brings with it other dangerous conditions that could develop, such as strokes, heart disease, and the effects of bad circulation.

While nothing is more important that the final word from your physician or care provider, here are some tips, courtesy of the Mayo Clinic, which can help you control your blood pressure naturally. Remember; always consult with your clinician prior to entering any new plans or regimes, especially when it has to do with your hypertension issues.

Lose a bit of weight

A 10-pound loss equals an immediate drop of blood pressure points. Obviously, a lighter body moves better, breathes better, feels better and works with less effort than a very heavy or bloated body. Regular exercise can assist with the weight loss effort. Once you get the first 10 down, we guarantee you that you will feel the difference and will want to lose even more. Do not lose too much, though, always aim for a healthy weight.

Drop the salt and sugar…in excess

We all know that sodium can be the biggest culprit of hypertension, but few people realize that excess sugar is just as bad. If yoRemember that, aside from the salt and sugar that we add to foods, there is also the salt and sugar contained in the preservatives used to pack, freeze, can, and box processed food products. Switch to natural eating, and learn to enjoy what real food tastes like.

Quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption

We are not asking you to abstain from living your life, but if you only knew the chemicals you breathe in when you smoke, you would want to put that cigar or cigarette down in no time. This also goes for “vaping!” Rapid heartbeat comes along with increases in nicotine, bringing up your heart rate and, yes, your blood pressure.

As far as drinking, one drink or two a day is the amount considered to be “heart healthy” by the American Heart Association. Why not? A drink can help relax your body and may even let you sleep better. 5 drinks, however, is a different story. Dehydration, bad sleep, nausea, and other complications, on top of higher blood pressure, will accumulate.

 Monitor, monitor, monitor

Many sudden deaths of seemingly healthy, young people have been caused by sudden increases in blood pressure, which have led to strokes. Strokes come with no announcements, just like heart attacks. The difference is that a stroke can best be predicted if you create a habit of checking your blood pressure daily, twice a day.

Like the waves of the ocean, the flow of blood in the body changes dramatically throughout the day. The blood pressure points of the morning hours will likely not be the same as those before going to bed. Always keep track of the changes in your body, and see how drastic those changes are. You will never find out otherwise. You need to check yourself. The good news is that there are even apps online that can help you track your blood pressure using your tablet or cellphone! Ask your doctor about it!

Really, take it easy

Blood pressure can be controlled with less stress. As such, it’s important to find ways to reduce stress levels. However, life happens. Good and bad things happen. Good luck and bad luck will happen. It’s what life does: it happens. You cannot control everything or anyone who is related to you, whether you want to or not. Give it up. Breathe. Live your life in a way that those things that come your way do not take the best of you. Find a mental health professional, or a counselor, if you feel overwhelmed. They are trained to help you.  Meditate, and get off your usual zone. One simple change can be the start of making a massive difference in your life.  Do not allow life to swallow you up. It is not worth it.

Point to Ponder:

The most dangerous part about hypertension is that it comes with no signs or symptoms. Some people who have blood pressure issues may feel physical reactions that mimic lesser things, and so they miss out on checking it.  If you lead a not-so-very healthy lifestyle, please take 2 minutes of your day to go to the local pharmacy, or to your care provider, and take your blood pressure.  If it is high, follow all the directions prescribed by your provider, especially taking your medication as indicated.

The help provided in this article aims to inspire you to get help and motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle that will promote a longer, happier life. Only you can make this happen. We encourage you to try!


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