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Individual Basketball Workouts .pdf [2022]

By Geoff Griffiths @mmatraining1980

By Drew Griffiths (BSc, MSc)

Get hench, jump higher, and move quicker on the basketball court, with this weight training program for basketball.

Ideally, you’re strength and conditioning should be periodised, with a different pre-season training program, for example, compared to in-season. The program shown here is a general one and should be modified according to other activity levels and your own strengths and weaknesses.

Individual Basketball Workouts .pdf [2022]

Warm Up

Try and increase your body temperature to avoid injuries. Start with 5 to 10 minutes of steady state, low-impact cardio and then add some dynamic stretches and mobility exercises.

Before each set, perform 2 or 3 warm-up sets with a light weight before working up to your “working sets”.


Plyometrics are an excellent form of exercise for sports like basketball. They do however carry a relatively high risk of injury. So make sure your body is warm and you are well rested the day before, before attempting this type of explosive exercise.

Olympic Lifts

Along with plyometrics, Olympic lifts such as clean and presses and snatches are excellent for developing power. They are highly technical however and also carry a high risk of injury. Instead, hex bar/trap bar jump and high pulls have been included as they are relatively simple to perform, yet highly effective.

Rotator Cuff Exercises

Rotator cuff exercises can help prevent shoulder injuries by strengthening the muscles that help keep the shoulder joint in place. This is important for injury prevention when playing basketball and when lifting weights.

Individual Basketball Workouts .pdf [2022] (Power, Strength, Speed)

Day 1


Dumbbell Floor Press10 (per arm)2

Plyometric Press Ups63

Medicine Ball Overhead Throws63

Medicine Ball Slams62

Chin Ups10 (or max)2

Multi-directional Lunges12 (total)2

Rotating Plyo Jumps62

Band resisted backward walks20 seconds3

Day 3


Front Squat84

Depth Jumps62

One arm Row10 per arm2

Cable wood chops10 per side2

Hanging Leg RaisesMax2

Plank hold1 minute

Tib Raises102

Band Assisted Lunges10 (total)2

Day 5


Hex Bar Jumps63

High Pulls63

Barbell Glute Bridges62

Lateral Bounds102

Cable crunches122

Nordic Hamstring CurlsMax2


I would also suggest, stretching every day.

If you are stuck for time, “The World’s Greatest” stretch is a good all-rounder

Individual Basketball Workouts .pdf [2022]
Individual Basketball Workouts .pdf [2022]

Program Exercises

Some of the exercises in the program, are shown in the videos below:

Dumbell Floor Press

Medicine Ball Slams

Rotational Jumps

Backwards Walks

Nordic Curls

Band Assisted Lunges

This is for improving deceleration – you’re ability to slow down quickly and change direction.
I can’t find a video, but you want to attach a band to a point in front of you so that the band pulls you in the direction of the lunge, and you have to control the descent before pushing back to the starting position.

Tib Raises

Another great exercise for deceleration and change of direction speed.

Download Weight Training Program as a pdf:

Click to access basketball-weight-training-program.pdf

Google Doc:

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