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In Which This Blog Becomes 'hearty'

By Davidduff

Apart from my morning swim I must confess that my, er, participation in sporting activities is confined to the depths of my armchair where, with the sort of stamina that would be the envy of any so-called 'hearty', I manage to operate the 'do-flicker-thingie' in order to switch between channels, usually from Ladies' Beach Ball to Ladies' Wrestling and back again.  My prowess at this exhausting activity is renowned!

Thus, I am more than well-qualified to offer some advice to the rulers of our two main sports - football and cricket.  The performance of our national teams in these two sporting disciplines has been dismal beyond belief, in fact, so loud and emotional is the wailing and gnashing of teeth that I am no longer able to listen to 'TOOOOOORKSPOOOOOORT'.  Clearly, something must be done and so I am proud that this sporting blog has a simple solution: let the English cricket team play football and the English football team play cricket!

Oh, come on, they couldn't be any worse, could they?

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