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In Which 'The Speccie' Gets Rather Emotional

By Davidduff

The editorial in this week's Spectator is rather unusual in that it has allowed itself to become a tad emotional which , as we all do know, is frightfully un-English.  (Actually, it's not but one must nod in the direction of mythology!)  It is a eulogy in praise of the recently deceased (er, politically, that is) Michael Gove, the former Minister of Education.  I sense the passionate pen of Fraser Nelson behind it because he has always shown a strong interest and support for Gove's reforms.  But alas, Gove's many enemies have "shouted more loudly than those who benefitted from new schools".  'Dim Dave', under the influence, no doubt, of Lynton Crosby, his Aussie string-puller, has caved under pressure and sacked the one outstandingly successful minister in his entire cabinet.

In his place we have a lady who has been an MP for exactly four years so how she will stand up to her enemies in the teaching unions, the local authorities and her own department, no-one knows.  Her political history is minimal but she did have the guts to speak up against homosexual marriage saying that civil partnerships were to be praised but that marriage was for men and women only.  She is a practicing Christian which probably informed her view.  She will need 'the shield of faith' to defend herself over the next few months as her enemies pile on the pressure during the run up to the next election.  Either she will follow orders from Cameron & Crosby and keep things quiet by giving a little here and a little there, or she will demonstrate once and for all that she is an honourable feminine successor to an energetic, intelligent, tough and principled man.  We shall see . . .

In the meantime I leave you with this thought - Michael Gove to succeed 'Dim Dave'!


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