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In Which I Switch Sports

By Davidduff

Waddya mean, you never knew I was into sports in the first place?!  Well, of course, I, personally, am not a partaker of sporting activities but that doesn't mean I'm not a fan and, for the right sport, I am a fervent fan.  For example, I have long been a very close follower of the Brazilian Ladies Beach Volleyball team.  I have found over the years that it is a game of infinite variety and sophistication and only a really up close view of proceedings will give you the full flavour:

In which I switch sports
In which I switch sports

In which I switch sports
In which I switch sports

It's true that the ladies seem to suffer with a certain amount of gusset problems but I blame the Brazilian authorities for issuing them with those voluminous knickers - they're far too big for athletic young gals to jump about in.  What they need is something more minimalist.  I have offered my services as an advisor but so far my letters remain unanswered!

And that brings me to the Colombian Ladies Cycling Team to whom I have switched my lust love and support.  At least they have a governing authority that provides them with suitable kit for their, er, sporting activities:

UCI president Brian Cookson is 'on the case' over 'unacceptable' Bogota Humana team naked kits


By jove, that's more like it - and I want the job of that smug bastard man on the right.  So come on, gals, knees up, feet down, pedal for Colombia and let's see what you're made of!


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