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In Defense of Fat: Only 59 Hours to Go!

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1

The planned documentary In Defense of Fat is trying to get financed via Kickstarter. Unfortunately the first attempt – for 50 000 dollars – failed. That means that if you backed the earlier project that pledge was cancelled.

Now a new attempt at financing (30 000 dollars) is closing in on the finish line. And this time it looks more hopeful. With 59 hours to go they have promises of more than 23 000 dollars.

If you help out with 25 dollars you get to see the movie streamed when it’s done. 50 dollars gets you a DVD with extra material (this is what I chose). There are also signed books by among others Mark Sisson and Denise Minger to be had. Let’s get this movie made:

Kickstart In Defense of Fat

Are you in?

PS: If you backed the previous cancelled attempt you need to pledge again to join.

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