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In A World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind

By Ireviewuread
In A World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind

One of the popular quotes about humanity is: "In A World Where You Can Be Anything, be kind." It is used to emphasize the need for kindness in our daily endeavors. Kindness keeps the world going; it makes the environment peaceful and conducive for everyone to thrive in.

You may probably be wondering what exactly kindness entails and why there's so much emphasis on it. Kindness is an act of friendliness, generosity, smile, and goodwill towards someone. Any little act you extend towards someone to make them happy and feel loved is referred to as kindness.

These days, most people who want to pass a message about kind gestures do so through fashion. It is common to find people sporting kindness t-shirts to encourage people around them to embrace kindness. Doing this doesn't just raise awareness but builds the consciousness to be kind towards the people you meet daily.

In this article, we will discuss some kind gestures you can extend to people around you as well as some tips to help you find kindness t-shirts to wear.

Random Acts of Kindness to Render to People

The following are some kind gestures that you can render to people around you:

Giving Your Seat or Space to an Older Person

If you find an elder standing while you are seated in a public transport service, it is proper that you stand and allow them to sit in your place or you can share the space with them if possible. Doing this will certainly endear you to them.

Comfort Sad People

If you observe that someone around you is feeling sad, do not act like it is not your business. Try to find out the cause of the problem and comfort them with nice words that will make them feel better. When one is sad, you will find that they need emotional support to get out of such moods.

If you are looking for tips to make people around you happy, you can check here:

Feed Hungry Children

There are so many hungry children on the streets that are uncertain of the source of their next meal. You can donate to charity to cater to the needs of these children or you can feed the ones close to you. These gestures may not mean anything to you but it goes a long way in helping other people and this is what kindness is all about.

Help those Struggling with Academics/ Work

If you are a bright student that grasps knowledge easily, do not use it to intimidate people around you. Instead, you can schedule a convenient time to teach your mates who are struggling with their studies. You need to understand that teaching them doesn't make you less brilliant, it will only improve your mental capacity as you learn more while teaching others.

If you work in an office or any other space, helping colleagues who have issues with understanding their job description is a great idea. You can politely do this without making them feel inferior. This way, they can always come to you for help knowing that you are willing to help.

Remove Stones Blocking Pathways

Stones on the pathway are very dangerous especially at night when one can barely see them. If one stumbles on a stone unknowingly, they can get hurt. To prevent this, always ensure that you remove stones that you find on pathways before they hurt people.

These are some kind gestures that you can possibly extend to humanity. You may have seen a couple of persons wear kindness t-shirts and you are wondering why such shirts. We will outline some reasons why the shirts are apt for certain situations.

Some Simple Reasons to Wear Outfits that Promote Kindness

In A World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind

Looking for reasons to wear kindness Outfits? Here are some of them:

Create Awareness

The world needs to know that an act of kindness daily makes the world go round. Wearing these outfits creates awareness to people around you on the need to extend kind gestures to everyone. These shirts come in different colors so you can always visit any store and pick up your favorite size and color.

Look Unique and Beautiful

Naturally, an act of kindness makes one look beautiful both inwardly and outwardly. Kindness t-shirts are usually beautiful and since they come in different colors, you can go for colors that match your dress sense and style and make you look unique.

How to Find these Outfits

The following are some tips to guide you:

Check Local Stores

There are stores around you where these tees are sold. You can walk into one of these stores to select the best option that suits your needs.

Check Online Stores

Most online fashion stores sell these outfits so feel free to check them out. The advantage of shopping online is that you are exposed to numerous options to select from. Be careful when shopping for clothing materials so you do not end up with inferior material. If you do not know how to identify good quality clothing, you can check here.


Kindness has always been a way to maintain good relationships, and bond with people around you. Always feel free to extend a kind gesture to people when it is possible. And yes, wearing a tee to show that you are an advocate of kindness will also be a great idea.

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