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By Anithanayak

Most of you know I hail from a small town called Mangalore .. & boy, we do take our ice-creams seriously.. 😬! Mangaloreans are used to freshly churned ice-creams from the ice cream parlours in town...!! To add to that it's a very sultry town.. because of which an ice-cream is always a welcome YES any time of the day or night!!

When I was invited over to Swensen's, the American ice-cream chain, for a bloggers event to get a taste & understand the ingredients going into their newly launched Falooda with a fancy twist, I couldn't let it pass as - they take their ice-creams seriously too.. & I love Falooda's 😀. Rose flavour is something I enjoy even though my favourite ice-cream flavour is vanilla. It takes me back to my childhood, the days we were fed glasses of rose milk which were licked clean off of the glasses.


Unlike the usual Falooda mug/glass filled with oodles of chia seeds, vermicelli & jelly accompanied with rose milk n some ice-cream.. the chefs at Swensen's have really given it a very classy twist.. & turned it into a flavour packed crazy Sundae filled with crunch & goodness 😀. I don't think there was a single person among us who disagreed & said "naa.. this isn't going to work!" Because the look & feel is of a Sundae.. don't go by the looks.. you have to taste it 😬. I'm a very fussy ice-cream eater.. you can take my word for it when I say this is quite a welcoming take to the Falooda n is every bit enjoyable.


We had the privilege to meet Mr Pinaki Mukherjee 😊, who gave us a quick intro to this Falooda & the reason what urged them to experiment & introduce a Sundae which is so very Indian, because just like we Indians love our sweets & chocolate ice cream, if available all of us will love to try a falooda's put together with quality ingredients.


He also went on to mention that to provide top notch quality & taste Swensen's sources all their ingredients from various parts of the world.. for example even the maraschino cherries are imported from a particular Cherry farm in the US. They book the whole crop to supply to their outlets world wide. The saffron used in the saffron sauce & ice-cream for the Falooda is sourced from a vendor in Kolkatta. The sauces, the waffles are prepared fresh everyday. To that matter they even chill their ice-cream glasses or bowls in the freezer before they serve so that the ice-cream stays cold longer 😀.

So this is what goes into this glass of yumminess - some rose & saffron syrup, some crushed waffle bits, roasted cashews & some raisins, A scoop of saffron infused ice-cream, some saffron infused vermicelli, another scoop of that heavenly saffron ice-cream, more cashew nuts & raisin.. a big swirl of whipped cream & some more of the saffron & rose syrup, to finish it add a waffle bit & a rose petal!


Check out a quick video where the Sundae chef assembles this goodness! Oh yes, we did get a live demo on how this is assembled 😊.
She is quite nimble & makes it perfect.. Does this seem massive!?? Not at all... 😀 don't worry Swensen's has a clever idea of catering to all types of sweet tooth's. So these are available in three different sizes.

1. The large crispy crunchy Falooda which I described in detail for 229/- INR.
2. The medium sized called the Carnival Falooda priced at 140/- INR.
3. The small sized called the Happy Falooda, priced at 99/- INR.


This is a limited edition available for a couple of months at all the outlets of Swenson's in India. Do not miss the chance to try these out.. these are truly exotic 😋.

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