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If I Eat a Healthy Diet, Why Would I Need to Take Supplements Or Herbs?

By Jamie Koonce @charcuterielove

If I eat a healthy diet, why would I need to take supplements or herbs?

I often hear some individuals speaking about how healthful they eat, claiming that they don’t need supplements or herbs because they don’t have any health problems except an occasional cold or exercise-induced muscle soreness.  Though I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news for these people, I simply must say that by shunning all herbal medicines and supplements, they are digging an early grave for themselves while also letting themselves succumb to colds, muscle aches & joint pains, and telomere shortening that simply aren’t necessary.  And in a world in which nearly every food you put into your mouth is a domesticated, low-nutrient version of a high-nutrient wild food (even if you go organic and purchase your foods straight from the farmer) and our water is severely depleted of minerals, you’ve got to be kidding yourself if you believe you are getting optimal nutrition from diet alone.  And if you have a minor health problem (occasional colds, exercise-induced muscle soreness, muscle injuries, occasional back pain, low energy in the afternoons, stress, headaches, PMS, less-than-optimal body fat percentage, etc.) for which you only use an occasional herb or supplement for symptomatic relief, you are simply allowing yourself to suffer needlessly.

Here’s the deal: I don’t recommend supplements to make up for a poor diet, lack of sleep, sedentary life, drug or alcohol abuse, overexercise, or inability to quiet your mind; and I don’t recommend herbs to provide a “cure” or magic bullet for end-stage disease in which the body has been ignored for too long.  However, I do recommend high-quality, non-synthetic supplements and herbs as part of your healthful daily lifestyle to help your body stay as strong as it can be for as long as possible in a world in which our food, soil, water, and air is polluted with xenoestrogens (AKA estrogen mimickers), electromagnetic frequencies, nuclear waste, GMOs, and superbugs created by overuse of pesticides and antibiotics on our foods and in our homes.  Even if you grow your own food in a pristine, rural environment, drink Spring water, and have zero stress in your life, I can guarantee that your health & longevity can be enhanced by supplements and herbal medicines — if you are taking the right ones for your individual body “type.”

That’s right.  Body types.  I shy away from talking about body types or nutritional types because there are as many different body types as there are people on this planet; however, there are some general categories of body types which have been explored by every traditional medical system that has ever existed, including Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Hippocratic Humoralism, Chinese Medicine, Korean Medicine, Japanese Medicine and others.  You most likely are very strongly like one particular type, somewhat similar to another one or two types, and very unsimilar to one or two different types.  Modern genetics has now shown that you are more susceptible or resistant to some diseases than other people are, based on single nucleotide polymorphisms or differences in your DNA at the molecular level that manifest at the cellular level.

Some supplements that I find crucial for anyone living in our modern world to take as a line of defense to avoid colds, muscle soreness, fatigue, hormone malfunction, etc. include: antioxidants such as CoQ10, astaxanthin, and a high quality greens and reds supplement; live probiotics; nattokinase or vitamin K2; and carnosine.  If you are an athlete, caregiver, or CEO, or if you find yourself feeling “run-down” or fatigued on occasion, stressed out, or if you have a susceptibility to anemia, I recommend taking a glandular supplement containing raw grass-fed liver containing iodine, riboflavin, L-Tyrosine, and niacin, as well as tonic herbs such as shilajit, cordyceps, and ashwagandha.  And if you aren’t into eating meat at each meal or are constantly on-the-go, I recommend a high quality grass-fed whey protein powder.  To prevent seasonal colds and flu, a traditional herbal formula referred to as Jade Windscreen can prevent you from being “under the weather” at all — even if you’re an elementary school teacher.  And if you have anyone in your family who has ever had cancer of a reproductive organ, you eat food that has been packaged in plastic, or if you expect to have children sometime in the future, I recommend taking a natural plant extract that blocks estrogen mimickers from attaching to your estrogen receptors (and men, you have estrogen receptors too so this doesn’t exclude you).  This list of recommendations for different individuals could go on and on because I could literally talk about this all day.  But I hope you get the main point of this post which is to explain why you are really doing yourself a disservice by not incorporating high quality herbs (which essentially are wild foods) and nutritional supplements into your healthy lifestyle.

The real truth is that I used to get sick with colds rather easily, and I suffered from chronic migraine headaches, asthma, fatigue, and other suboptimal health imbalances for many years, but after investing nearly $200,000 in my education, I learned how to rid myself forever of these conditions.  Now I rarely ever get colds (and these are gone within 24 hours), I am able to do lots of athletic physical activities without feeling tired or getting muscle soreness or injuries, and I am able to sleep for 6 hours or less (when I am in my optimal sleeping environment at home) without suffering the effects of sleep deprivation.  I’m passionate about helping you to feel what it’s like to feel vibrantly healthy practically all the time — with no need for symptomatic relief, makeup to hide eye circles, pale lips, acne, etc., or days of feeling sore, injured, or “under the weather.”  If you’re interested in learning more about how to really enjoy optimal health from someone who lives it, you might be interested in checking out the VIP Club.

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