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Iconic Wedding Dress designers-Tom Mora

By Artsyweddingblog @alicepub

One of the trend setters in bridal industry is Tom Mora. When he was a kid, his parents were very young and were very stylish. His first thought for becoming a designer began when his father bought him the first sports jackets on the 17th street. He always used to show his interest in the arts and designing class when he was kid. He always used to visualize himself doing great things in the fashion industry. He slowly started his career as a bridal dresses designer and owns a company and makes his own signature styles in the fashion industry.

Iconic wedding dress designers-Tom MoraIconic wedding dress designers-Tom Mora

He says that designing for bridesmaid and for brides is completely different than designing everyday lines. The most unforgettable day in every woman’s life is her wedding day. So, he always tries something new for giving that stunning look to the bride with many awesome details and finishing’s. He will be very careful in selecting the kind of fabric, which has to look great for the brides’ skin, how will the dress look like when it is worn for the indoor weddings and how it looks for the outdoor weddings, how will she look like when she walks down the aisle. He says that it is similar for the bridesmaid, but the woman has to be more confident, sophisticated and more comfortable when she wears this dress.

Iconic wedding dress designers-Tom Mora
Iconic wedding dress designers-Tom Mora

He owns a bridal store on Madison, which is stunning and very thoughtfully planned. The store suggests a feeling of warmth and calmness that the bride imagines to experience on her special day. He also started selling online from his online stores which brings the same kind of satisfaction to the brides purchasing online. He says that brides visit the wedding boutique with a particular kind of wedding dress and J.Crew customers will come to pick selected designs from the J.Crew catalog.

Iconic wedding dress designers-Tom Mora
Iconic wedding dress designers-Tom Mora

He is more inspired for designing wedding dresses due to his passion and his vision, which keeps him always, stay creative and unique. There are many bridal designing companies, but everyone have their own unique collections and so Tom Mora has his own unique collections. Tom Mora says that there are many bridal companies, who are designing many unique and niche designs and the niche he follows is timeless, comfortable, Beautiful, chic, elegant and stunning designs for the brides on her special day. Due to this concept, he is able to create unique and most stunning wedding dresses and making news in the fashion industry.

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