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5 Crazy and Amazing Places to Get Married in Las Vegas

By Artsyweddingblog @alicepub

Las Vegas is known to be the "Marriage Capital of the World" because of the hundreds of couples heading to the state just to get married. According to statistics, Clark County issues around 315 wedding licenses daily.

What makes this place so popular for weddings is the countless of options and venues available for anyone who wants to get married. There are the traditional small chapels and more accessible places like drive-thrus, which are all very in demand options. But, aside from these, there are also other interesting and crazier options for the more adventurous couple. Here are some crazy/weird Vegas weddings to consider:

1.) Treasure Island

5 Crazy and Amazing Places to Get Married in Las Vegas
Love the pirate life? For couples who like the rough seas, cannons and sexy bearded pirates, a pirate ship wedding at the Vegas strip is just the thing. The package costs anywhere from $1,500 - $3,800 and allows the couple along with two guests on the Siren's Cove ship along the Strip. There could be a play or rescue bit during the ceremony to complete the themed wedding. Wedding guests are not allowed onto the ship but are welcome to be within 100 feet of the ship.

2.) Gondola Wedding

5 Crazy and Amazing Places to Get Married in Las Vegas
If you have always wanted a Venetian wedding but do not have the budget to go to Venice, Vegas has a pretty efficient solution. The Venetian, located on the Vegas strip, offers a simple but beautiful gondola wedding, complete with a uniformed driver that will serenade you through the ride. The gondola slowly drifts on the water through the Grand Canal Shopped and into the Palazzo next door.

3.) Skydiving

5 Crazy and Amazing Places to Get Married in Las Vegas
For the brave couple who just love the adrenaline rush, Vegas Extreme Skydiving has wedding packages priced at around $1,200. This extreme kind of wedding is definitely not for the faint-hearted as it takes guts to go up in the air and jump out of the plane. The ceremony does not really take place while you are up in the air skydiving but it can be done before you go up or after you have landed, depending on your preference.

4. Graceland Wedding Chapel

5 Crazy and Amazing Places to Get Married in Las Vegas

There are countless of Elvis impersonators walking around in Las Vegas but the best ones can be found at the Graceland Wedding Chapel. Aside from being walked down the aisle by "The King" himself, you will also be serenaded with your favorite Elvis songs. Not only that, you also have the say in Elvis' wardrobe as you can choose between a jumpsuit or black leather. Perfect for music fans, the Graceland wedding package ensures a memorable and Elvis-filled ceremony for the couple.

5.) Mandalay Bay Shark Reef Wedding

5 Crazy and Amazing Places to Get Married in Las Vegas

Another unique and unconventional wedding place in Vegas is at the Mandalay Bay aquarium beside the sharks. Don't worry, you will not be swimming with the sharks inside the tank while saying your "I Do's" but you will be given access beside the aquarium before it opens to the public. No need to wear a wetsuit and you can go for the traditional wedding gowns/attire if you want. This package costs about $1,500 - $1,600 including extra fees, a bottle of champagne and a honeymoon suite.

These wedding options are far from your traditional wedding ceremonies but if you are not into church weddings, then Vegas is the right spot to celebrate your union! Whether you go for something romantic, extreme or weird, these Vegas wedding locations will definitely be memorable.

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