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Go Boho for Spring with a Floral Crown

By Artsyweddingblog @alicepub
Go Boho for Spring with a Floral Crown Go Boho for Spring with a Floral Crown Go Boho for Spring with a Floral Crown

Oh, Boho!

Flower crowns are the epitome of Boho. More and more brides are trading in the traditional veil for the Bohemian style floral crown. Brides are opting for these adornments to bring a whimsical and vintage feel to their wedding day. These crowns have been an established accessory long before the 60's. These flower halos even date back to Ancient Greece and was worn for special occasions or celebrations. In China, floral crowns were worn at weddings to symbolize fertility. They made their original comeback in the 1960's. People wore these gorgeous crowns to represent peace and love. They represent decades of history and symbolize fertility, love, and peace. Brides all over the world are accessorizing their wedding day with these detailed halos full of flowers. Brides can wear them in their hair using various hairstyles. Take the dive and go for the traditional Bohemian look and wear your hair down. Or you can spice up your look with an elegant up-do and add a graceful flower accessory to top off your look.

Although many brides are wearing this accessory, no two floral crowns are the same! Due to the accessibility and ease to create these magnificent pieces, you can customize your halo to fulfill your exact vision! Here are some quick tips for creating your very own floral crown!

It's all about the flowers.

Go Boho for Spring with a Floral Crown

Flowers, flowers, flowers galore! Head down to your local farmer's market or order some flowers from your neighborhood grocery store. You can completely customize your crown to fit your wedding themes. If you're having a wedding based around blush tones, go for large pink peonies, blush "Juliet" garden roses, and subtle cream ranunculus. Remember to add fillers and greenery to your newest halo accessory. Great greenery and fillers include: dusty miller, jasmine, eucalyptus, rosemary, baby's breath, and rice miller. Depending on personal taste, you can create various sizes of floral crowns. If your worried about the size, start small and try it on for size. Have a friend help you add on flowers to create depth and dimension in the areas that need a little extra something.

I have the flowers, now what's next?

Go Boho for Spring with a Floral Crown
Materials Needed: Floral Cloth Wire or Braided Rafia Floral Tape Greenery or Fillers

First, you will want to create the base for your crown. You will need your floral cloth wire or braided rafia. Bend the material to fit the circumference of your head. After your measure the circumference of your head, cut the material long enough so you can have room to tie the crown off. Once the wire or rafia is cut, lay it down on a flat work surface. Play with the floral wire to create a twig effect to leave some exposed or plan on covering the entire wire.

Now, start cutting your flowers. You will want to leave enough of the flower's stem to attach the pieces to your floral wire. Remember to choose flowers that will create depth and dimension. If you are primarily using blush tones, be sure to add in enough greenery and fillers to create depth. Creating dimension will allow your flower halo to stand out in your wedding day photos.

Once your flowers are cut, start assembling your floral crown. Hold your halo's base and gently add a flower. Add floral tape or floral wire to the stem to create a secure bond. Be sure to check that your flower is laying flat. Now that your flower is in place, add greenery and filler to masque the base of your flower. As your continue adding flowers and greenery to the floral wire or rafia, you will want to add your pieces in different directions. Try on your crown as you go in order to check flower placement. Continue adding flowers and fillers until the end of your halo base. At the end, turn your base over and check to ensure that all floral pieces are secure. Tie off your base and try your new crown on your size! To preserve your crown, put your new accessory into a gallon size or grocery store plastic bag. Gently spray a mist of water into the bag. Add air in the bag and seal it tight. Place the headpiece into the refrigerator and store until your wedding day. Floral crowns can last 1-2 days depending on the flowers that you use.

Go Boho for Spring with a Floral Crown

This year, go Boho. You won't regret it.

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