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I've Achieved My 5 Year Plan - Life is Good

By Angela @daisyangel1

Sometimes in life plans can go array, but with planning and determination you can make positive changes to your life. I had a plan, a 5 year plan.  Today that plan is now a reality. After 13 years I took voluntary redundancy from my job,  I had applied a number of times and previously it had been rejected so I was delighted at last to have it accepted. 
I've Achieved my 5 Year Plan - Life is Good
I have so much planned,  so much me time that is. Getting another job is most defiantly not on the list.  But indulging in all my hobbies is :-  sewing, baking, blogging, knitting, reading, days out, gardening, entering competitions, spending time with my family and friends, family history research. Or should I so wish, do absolutely nothing!
But most importantly I will be managing my health and the challenges caused by my severe scoliosis, something that has had more impact on my daily life now I am in my mid forties. 
The next year or two will be fun and exciting, I will be looking at ways to make my pennies stretch a little further (I have been saving hard the last 10 years) - hopefully my blogging will also help me live within my new budget. I am happy to sacrifice some luxuries and extravagances as I think these are out weighed by the health benefits of my new relaxed lifestyle. I will still get to enjoy an office environment as I volunteer at my local National Trust property, Sunnycroft - transcribing old diaries so they can be recorded and searched electronically. 
To celebrate I will be giving my blog a make over, hopefully if all goes well it will not only be a new me but a shiny new style blog too. I hope you will continue to accompany me on my new adventure on Garden Tea Cakes and Me.

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