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I Ruggedly Love Panda

By Kaidarul @KaiDarul

Lol at my post title. I can’t think of a better one! :D When I arrived home, a package of my purchase from Wholesale-dress is lying on the sofa. I was really ecstatic to see it. I hopped to the sofa and opened it eagerly. Thus, I tried it on immediately.

I was happy to see the panda long-sleeved shirt. The cloth used was really two-thumbs up. You cannot really tell the quality of the cloth through the picture. But when you get to touch it, you can really tell that the quality is really great.

Hype this on lookbook please? :)

The panda printed on the shirt is actually another cloth. It is like the material of the usual felt paper we used on our scrapbooks. I don’t know what the exact name of the cloth really is. All I know is it is too cute. :)


The holiday break has just started. Well, I am so happy to take the two weeks off. However, I will still be studying coz exams await me next year.

I ruggedly love panda
Here’s something from our batch (4Vidas) year-end party. I love the photos. Find me? hahah Toodles.

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