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I Never Knew 'The Kraut' is a 'crip'!

By Davidduff

Regular readers will know of my admiration for Charles Krauthammer, the Washington-based commentator and all-round political guru.  I first came across him via Fox News where he is a regular contributor.  It was not only his evident intelligence that impressed me but also the look of the man.  He has what I can only describe, with apologies to just about every lady novelist there ever was, 'fiercely chiselled features'.  Also, he has a way of sitting with absolute stillness as he delivers his opinions that demands of the viewer that he watch and listen.  Now I have the reason for this stillness.  Charles Krauthammer is paralysed.

Entirely by accident I caught part of a Fox News programme last night devoted to 'The Kraut's life story.  As a very fit young man just beginning medical studies he was involved in a swimming-pool accident that left him paralysed from the neck down.  It is impossible to even hazard a guess as to the mental effect of such a shattering physical blow to anyone let alone a young man on the brink of adult life.  'The Kraut' took a fairly immediate decision - he would continue his studies from first of all his hospital bed and later from his wheel-chair.  He passed his medical exams with distinction and was set on a career in psychiatry which he pursued until his latent political interests took over.

He began, like most young people, as a Left-winger but one who was very anti-Soviet Union.  This independent streak combined with an enquiring mind gradually moved him to the Right and it was Ronald Reagan's softly-spoken arguments in favour of small government that finally won him over.  However, on social politics like abortion or evolution he remains on the liberal side of the argument.  He is blessed, I think, with a wife, Robyn, who must have married him despite his affliction and they have one son.  One of the items stressed by the programme is how very few people actually realize that he is paralysed.  'The Kraut' doesn't hide the fact but neither does he publicise it, he just gets on with his life using the faculties he has, the main one being, of course, his shrewd intelligence.

You can read his regular commentary at the Washington Post.

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