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I Need a Marathon

By Kristineduffey @GeminiWriter81

I Need a Marathon

Keeping Up Appearances

I love Keeping Up Appearances. I really enjoy a lot of British television. So do a lot of my friends. But it can be hard to find the older stuff. PBS is pretty much the only place to find them on regular Television. I’m easily sucked into an episode if I happen to run across it.
The humor is generally clean (it’s squeaky clean compared to what you’ll usually find on TV now)and they actually rely on the intelligence of the viewer to find most of the humor. This probably isn’t always true but it is of this show and many others. If you’ve never watched then you should give them a try.
Sometimes I’ll scan what’s on TV using the guide thing on the cable box. Occasionally, I’ll run across a channel with a bunch of little half hour boxes that read “Keeping Up…” and I’ll get excited thinking there’s a marathon on. And there is a marathon on, but it’s for Keeping Up With the Kardasians. How disappointing!<> 

I Need a Marathon

Doctor Who Christmas Special

I’m so glad we have BBC America. At least I can keep up with Doctor Who! I’m excited to see the new Christmas Special! I know my friends are, too. It’s another show that I always look forward to a marathon of and I get totally sucked in if it’s on. Oooo… maybe they’ll have a marathon on Christmas! It sure would be nice if I had another channel that only shows vintage shows from the BBC. Of course, I might just end up watching TV with all of my free time. Maybe I shouldn’t have that.So do you have a favorite British TV show that you are easily sucked into? What are your favorites old and new?

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