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I Made an Art Zine | Astrology Zine

By Ireviewuread

Previously, I have created a moon sticker set that contains 5 phases of the moon and a 4 elements stickers. There's something I did not unveil then. Those stickers are part of my Art Zine.

I made an Art Zine | Astrology Zine

Art zine

I created a 7 paged art zine containing my illustrations and designs. There are 3 sections to the zine - natal chart, palmistry and moon tarot. Each section explains what each card, line or star sign do. It also teaches you how to identify which lines or star sign is yours.

What is a zine

A zine (pronounced zeen) is a small circulation magazine that is produced by an individual artist or group of artists. They cover off-beat topics that you will not find in mainstream magazines.

Zines come in all shapes and sizes. Some are made on pieces of fabric; some come in bits and pieces of different size papers and some look like actual magazines. Anyone can produce a zine.

How to make a zine

Since zines come from all shape and sizes, there are many ways to produce them. The easiest way is to use this specific folding method to fold and A4 pieces of paper into 6 or 8 pages of the zine. I decided to make my zine bigger so I used 3 pieces of A4 papers and bound them together using a saddle stitch bookbinding method.

I made an Art Zine | Astrology Zine

Mini Astrology Magazine

I decided to go towards astrology in this zine because of my interests. I have always love astrology. From horoscope to palmistry, the unknown has always intrigued me.

Although I do not believe in daily horoscope prediction, I do believe that if you're born under this specific constellation at this specific time and date will impact your personality. That is why we have certain personalities from the moment we are born.

Full moon Zine

I touched on the moon phases and the moon tarot in a section of this zine. What the moon tarot means is dependant on the things the user is facing then. What intrigues me about tarot is how picking specific cards can predict specific futures. It is linked to palmistry in that way.

The older generation does call tarots the cards of the devil and there are specific ways you should keep them to keep their 'power'. I do not know what I feel about that theory since those cards are merely cards to me. I get drawn in by the detailed designs and the different illustrations from a different artist.

I am still on the fence about the idea of how some cards have the power to predict your future but nothing is impossible in this world. For now, I will admire the designs.

Available on IjournalUsee Ko-fi

You can get this zine on IjournalUsee Ko-fi Shop. Listed along with the Zine is my moon sticker set - previously a reward for my ko-fi supporters and my published novel (Speed Dating, The Story of Dating 10 guys in 3 months).

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