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I'm Still Here

By Wendiw80 @asouthernyogi
I had a wedding this weekend in Richmond which I will be talking about later this week. Our internet at home is acting up or I'd have pics and be talking about it today, but oh well.
It is exactly 8 days until we move. We're moving exactly 9 miles from our current home. This is what has been taking up all of my time lately. As I discussed last week, I had a training plan that I was going to follow in order to be prepared for Vegas. Based on that plan, I did 2 of the 5 workouts scheduled. Awesome, right? So, we'll try something new this week. Well, we'll try something old, but just try again.
Tuesday - 6 miles, yoga
Wednesday - cross train
Thursday - 1/4 mile repeats and 1/2 mile repeats
Friday - Cross train, yoga
Saturday - yoga all day
Sunday - yoga most of the day and then 4-6 2 minute hill repeats
I'm a bit off schedule but it's fine. I can fit in the workouts I can, and not worry too much. I don't think I'm going to PR in Vegas, but it's okay. That's part of life, sometimes, you have more time than others.
Things on my to do list -
1. switch power from one house to the other
2. switch water from one house to the other
3. finish packing - this is major
4. yoga teacher training - yes, that's this weekend. The weekend before we move. awesome right?
5. there's that little holiday called thanksgiving. that's 2 days after we move
Things I would normally do that I can't -
1. train 5-6 days per week.
2. go to the grocery store
So we're going to be eating out a lot and we're going to be not working out. The next two weeks are going to be stressful and I'm thinking I'm going to be a little crazy. I start feeling bad about myself when I don't eat well and while I appreciate the idea of eating out salads all the time, I don't do as well in that scenario. I've eaten BBQ two days in a row. So...
I just have to remember that this is life sometimes, make it through the best I can, not get too stressed about being out my routine and remember that on December 12th, I'll be able to get back on track. (I leave for Boulder, CO/Las Vegas on the 28th).

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