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I’m Partnering With Diet Coke To Tell You….

By Heather Hahn @HeatherHahnn

I hope that you guys are all enjoying your Saturday.

Why does it seem like this week is just flying by way too quick?

It literally feels like it was just the weekend, and now we’re in the middle of the week, and it’s about to be the weekend again, what the heck right?

Well, anyways, I am so excited to share with you guys some amazing news.

Ever since I can remember, i’ve always had a love / obsession with Diet Coke.

When I was just 3 years old, I had open heart surgery, and the first thing I told my mom and dad when I was out of surgery was that I asked my mom, if I could ‘have a Diet Coke‘.

Sadly, the doctor only allowed me to chew on ice chips for recovery, but my love for Diet Coke stayed after that very day in the recovery center.

You’d think that most 3 year olds wouldn’t be drinking Diet Coke at that age, but somehow, someway, I managed to get my hands on one, very young.


 At 26 years old, there isn’t a day that I cannot go without drinking Diet Coke.

With that being said, i’m so excited to share with you guys my partnership with Diet Coke to tell you that NATIONWIDE 7-ELEVEN stores are now offering ‘DIET COKE FROST WITH A SPLASH OF CHERRY’ slurpees!

The best part is too is that these Slurpees only have 50 calories in them.

#Winning ?

I’d say so! 


So, from now until June 28th, be sure to stop by your local 7-Eleven store, and pick up a Diet Coke Frost slurpee with a splash of cherry!


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