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I'm Outta Here!

By Davidduff

No posts today because I'm off to 'Londinium' to see friends and, God help me, to see a production of Rhinoceros by Eugène Ionesco, a Roumanian-French playwright of the 'Absurdist School' - yeeees, quite!  Actually, I was quite happy to see this play because I have read about it so often and my curiosity was piqued but reading the production notes I see the dread words  "... updated by renowned playwright Martin Crimp"!  Well, "renowned" he might be but I have never heard of him and if I go to see a play by Ionesco then I want to see a play by Ionesco not by Mr. Crimp whose name makes him sound like an escapee from The Goon ShowAccording to Wiki, Mr. Crimp is "a practitioner of the "in-yer-face" school of contemporary British drama, although he rejects the label".  Well, who wouldn't?  But it does not bode well for this evening's 'entertainment'.  I just hope our little theatre has the heating on full blast given that all this freezing 'global warming' is still with us.

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