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I'm Officially a BzzAgent!

By Stephanie1 @NewBeautyReview
A few years ago, my sister (Hi Peanut!!!) introduced me to BzzAgent. She told me all about this great new site that sent her all kinds of products just for trying them. Yes, you heard right!
I remember my Mom telling me she would get all kinds of items delivered to the house, from beauty products to a coffee pot!...Lol!
I remember thinking it was a cool way to try new products but I never signed up.
I had all but forgotten about it until I came across the BzzAgent twitter about a week ago. A light bulb went off!
I remembered what my sister had said and I immediately thought, "What a better time to sign up for this amazing service than now?" I figured I'm blogging regularly, it's now my business to try new products (not just my pleasure) and that's exactly what they're all about! The more you try, the more they send.
I mentioned this is all free, right? Ok, just checking.
I went and signed up right away! You are expected to fill out surveys but the surveys are all to help them figure out what products are best to send you. The more you blog, tweet & sample items, the higher your BzzScore gets. The higher your BzzScore gets, the more products you get. After you fill out the surveys, you are then invited to join "BzzCampaigns." A campaign is basically when you're invited to try a new product and you accept the offer. You don't have to sign up for it if it's something you're not interested in. You can pass. I like that because I'm picky with the items I buy & try. Also, if you join a campaign just to get an item and don't talk about it, they will know. It's not worth the embarrassment and they send so much that there's no reason to be dishonest. When you do sign up for a BzzCampaign, you should receive your "BzzKit" within 2 weeks. There are also perks and points you're gifted just for filling out the surveys.
It's perfect for bloggers!
It's genius if you ask me. These companies know that good reviews are what sell products. Yes, swift marketing plays a role too but who wants to try a product that looks good but got terrible reviews? Get my point? Marketing isn't enough.
Our reviews are key! They expect you to be honest and say exactly how you feel about something. The point of that it to see where this product belongs, who their target audience is. They need us the way we need them. What I like best about that is it's a 50/50 relationship. No one way streets! I use that philosophy in life too, works like a charm ;-)
I'm more than willing to try as many different items as I can that interest me! If I think of what I've spent on products just in the last 10 years (of any kind including hair, skin, makeup, body...everything) I'm sure I could've bought a house, or 2. I'm not even close to joking!
Again, it's not just for beauty, it's a wide range of products you'd need for anything! You name it, they got it.
The website is self explanatory, answering every question you could possibly have. There are also FAQs that are extremely helpful. If that's not enough, they have phone numbers listed and customer service is polite and there to help. Such a pleasure! I also got the iPhone app (which is free) on my phone so everything is just a few taps away.
I encourage my fellow blogger beauties to sign up and start receiving goodies in the mail! You have absolutely nothing to lose so check it out and let me know what you think ;-)
Happy Bzzzing!
Keep it pretty!

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