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I'm Chicken [email protected]*! And Really Shy...

By Sarahohm @sarahohm
Good afternoon Beautiful,TGIF!! Oh Friday… how you never come fast enough. I hope everyone is having a happy Friday! Today has been, kind of interesting, not really in a bad way, but it’s just been kind of a weird day. I’ve been feeling sluggish all day, probably because I didn’t sleep well again (I need to up my magnesium intake or something… I hate not sleeping!), I even had a coffee and felt like it only helped me for about an hour. I’ve been really consciously trying to be productive today because I know it makes the time go by faster, but with 90% of the office leaving because of summer hours, it kind of felt like it went by slow.I’m not doing summer hours this year. What happens is staff work more during the week so they can leave a bit early on Fridays, but because C and I share a car, it makes it hard to figure out when we need to be places, and I don’t want him having to leave work early to come pick me up, so we decided it would be easier if I didn’t do summer hours. Fine by me, if I did do summer hours, I wouldn’t be able to work out on my lunch… how painful would that be?This morning I was texting with my friend Jason who does CrossFit, I introduced him and Keely (remember – blogging queen of Toronto?) and now they’re like bff’s. Anyways – I was texting him because I just want to try a CrossFit class to see what all the hype is about. Originally I wanted to do one with Keely, but she’s so incredibly busy I didn’t want to bug her and make her life super hectic. Jason works near a CrossFit gym so I figured I’d ask if he’d take me to a beginner class. I hence the word beginner because frankly, the whole concept scares me and I would never be able to set foot in a place like that by myself for the first time. Mostly, I’m chicken shit and really shy.So we decided that he’d take me to a “foundation” class tomorrow at noon. I’m excited because he says it’s the class that people have to take before they even start crossfit, so that makes me feel a bit better. I hope I’m not the only super newby. So tomorrow I’m doing my first crossfit class! How exciting is that! I hope I enjoy it, but not enough that I need to warrant spending $1600/year on a membership. Once a week will be plenty for me I think! I will blog afterwards if my hands still work.Today was a light workout in anticipation for the crossfit workout tomorrow. I didn’t want to be sore, but I wanted an effective workout. Here’s what went down:3 sets of 10 squats on the smith machine (racks were taken), 90lbs plus the bar
2 sets of 10 deadlifts with a 90lbs barbell… I only did 2 sets because I felt like I was going to pull my hamstring where I had tweeked it the first time doing deadlifts… I stopped before that happened.
3 sets of 10 shoulder presses with 20lbs dumbbells
3 sets of 10 one arm rows with a 30 lbs dumbbell (Woohoo! Upped my weight, and completed all 3 sets, but it was a challenge!)
3 sets of tricep dips with 70lbs of help (so I dipped about 80lbs, yes… if you do the math I weigh THAT much…)
2 sets of 20 kettlebell swings with a 40kg kettlebell
2 sets of 20 crunches with an 8kg medicine ball
I think I need to purchase weight lifting gloves. As much as I hate them, I’m convinced I can find some cute ones somewhere… it’s either that or have my hands torn apart when I’m deadlifting, which is less feminine than wearing gloves. Maybe I’ll get pink ones…I wanted to blog last night, but I hadn’t worked out yesterday but an idea did come to me. Last night throughout the whole night my blood sugar kept going low (I have Juvenile Diabetes, I think I had mentioned that before...) and I realized how hard it is to be diabetic and try and eat paleo. I mean, when my blood sugar goes low I usually do 1 of 2 options, either down about 1.5 cups of orange juice, or down 1.5 cups of Gatorade. I usually keep Gatorade in the cupboard because it’s cheap and is super effective at treating low blood sugar, but if I have orange juice in the fridge I prefer to use that first, and at least get some vitamin C out of the deal.Last night however, I had neither. Crap. It was about 11pm, I had just crawled into bed and felt funny. I tested my sugars and found out I was low. What to do? C had bought me a custard tart from the store downstairs (my kryptonite) but I had put it in the fridge for safe keeping for whenever my next “cheat” was (a custard tart is probably like 5 cheats, but who’s really defining the word “cheat”…). I downed it so quickly; I barely had time to enjoy it which was a shame. It wasn’t kicking in fast enough so I took drastic measures. I mixed a couple tbsp. of white sugar with some cold water. It was so gross, but it cured me. So you can see how this would put a damper on said paleo diet. Anything white is a definite no-no, and my low blood sugar treatment was completely white.I’ve been taught my whole life that when my blood sugar is low, there really isn’t any time to waste when it comes to preparing something so it fits my certain diet. I’ve gone into a seizure before at 3.9 which is 0.1 below normal, and I’ve barely felt anything when I’ve been 1.9, 2.1 below normal, so you could see how a low blood sugar would make me kind of panic. C has never been witness to me seizing before so I’d like to keep it that way as long as possible. Does anyone know how to treat a low blood sugar with something that’s paleo? I guess I could Google it, I haven’t even gotten that far with it yet, but any ideas would be greatly appreciated!Today, when I was completing my one arm rows, I noticed how my body has changed. When I row a 30lbs dumbbell, you can clearly make out my deltoid, my bicep and my tricep. I never thought I could change my body so much, but since I started running it’s been crazy! When I was running I lost about 2% body fat, my stomach is a lot flatter, my legs are more muscular, my collar bone is protruding, my hip bones show, and arms are so much more toned. No complaints! Although, there are always things I want to change. I want my legs more slim and toned, my behind more firm and “up”, and I’d still like to lose another couple % of body fat. I try not to focus on the number on the scale, I mean, it means nothing. If I weighed 170 but looked amazing in a bikini, I wouldn’t care at all. % body fat and % lean muscle mass are the numbers I care about. So far we’re moving in the right direction!Anyways – it’s Friday folks! Go out, see your friends, have a cocktail, and enjoy your night! I’m staying in, vegging, and playing The Sims on my iPad… I can’t wait! Oh – I’ll have a cocktail or two as well JStay sweet.

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