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I Know, I Know, More Art but I'm Pushed for Time!

By Davidduff

Brazen and shamelss theft again!  Guilty, m'Lud, but it's not my fault, I'm forced to it by circumstance.  You see, today is laundry day, shopping day, garden center day and, natch, taking the 'memsahib' to lunch day, so time is at a premium and consequently you cannot expect one of my elegantly composed essays on the sort of abstruse and complex subjects normally covered here at D&N with the sort of meticulous and rigorous intellectual discipline which makes this site the envy of, er, well, someone, somewhere surely.  And anyway, it's all so much easier to just nick something from someone else, don'chafink? 

So apologies - again! - to Donald Pittenger and his excellent site Art Contrarian but also genuine gratitude for introducing me to a modern painter whose work is simply superb.  I had never heard of Nelson Shanks and I haven't the time just now to read up on him so I will simply lay before you some of his works and let you be the judge:

I know, I know, more art but I'm pushed for time!


I know, I know, more art but I'm pushed for time!


I know, I know, more art but I'm pushed for time!


Those are just terrific paintings!  Pop over to Pettinger's place and see and read some more - whilst I, uncomplaining, do my various duties!  Actually, I want to talk about language but it's a complicated subject about which I know next to nothing (so no change there, then!) and it requires a certain amount of thought - never my strong point - so I hope to return later today.


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