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“I Haven’t Felt Better in Years”

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1

Our new two-week low-carb challenge continues to bring massive success. So far this year over 26,000 people have signed up for FREE guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, troubleshooting tips, etc.

What could happen if you were to take the challenge? Here's some of the feedback from this week:

And it was so easy, I just stayed with it.

After four weeks, I've lost 18 pounds (8 kg), I've halved my blood pressure medication, I do not take daily 2-3 hour naps, I've got five inches (13 cm) less around my waist and more energy than I've had since I did Atkins in the 90s.

I've combined your real food diet - no grains, potatoes or sugar - with daily fasts of 14 - 36 hours and I'm never hungry. I don't even think much about food, but when I'm actually hungry, I eat without even looking at calories.

I have a hundred pounds to go, but for the first time, I know that I can do this. I can stay with this because I feel great and I'm getting results. I'm not suffering or starving myself, as I have so often done in the past.

Thank you! I'm sticking with this!

I have been successful, amazingly so for just a month!!!

I enjoy your videos, I feel better than I have felt for several years and am very optimistic about continued success on this diet. My daughter introduced me to your program and I am finding it amazing.

I have lost 15 lbs. (7 kg) which I badly needed to lose, and will be working on at least 50 more, have never felt deprived though I didn't think I could ever give up potatoes this easily (formerly my favourite food).

I do not like Facebook, however, or any other form of mass social media.

Thank you for your help and I look forward to being with your program for a long time, probably forever in one
form or another.



I started the low-carb challenge 2 weeks ago and have lost 8 lbs. (4 kg)! It's so easy and I have so much energy!

Thank you so much for your help.


Dear Andreas,

Congratulations on a brilliant program.

I am thoroughly grateful to my friend who recommended Diet Doctor to me. You could not have made the challenge easier.

I am 50, pre-menopausal and have not been able to lose weight for about 10 years. I am 5ft 8" (173 cm) and have hovered around 77.5 kg (171 lbs.) for longer than I care to remember.

I should be around 68-70kg (150-154 lbs.). I do not enjoy cooking at all - I find it a chore, however the way you laid everything out so easily, with super simple meals to prepare made me really get motivated to shop and prepare.

When I started the challenge, I guess I was 80% committed - e.g. I am still looking for my tape measure 🙂 But I shopped and I've cooked most of the meals. I was actually around 80 kg (176 lbs.) when I started the challenge and am now 76.8 kg (170 lbs.).

I feel a difference in how my clothes fit. I feel a huge difference in how my moods (hormonal swings) have leveled out at this hormonal time in my life and I've felt an immediate change in fluid retention. I feel these are terrific results considering I have snacked on a lot of berries and whipped cream, cheese and nuts truth be told 🙂 I am a convert - the website is very user friendly.

A stand out for me is in your interview with the Dr. Rangan when he says we've got to meet people where they are at. Very true. I think you do that well.

The only feedback I'd give for new challengers is that caution should be taken with snacking. I heard that if you get hungry - eat more fat. Unfortunately my mind made this mean that snacking on berries and whipped cream was ok. You do make this clear in your "how to lose weight video" but I guess beginners have enough info to process at first, so they might not be looking at all the complimentary videos etc.

Thanks again

I want to thank you so much.

I have been unable to stick to any diet, I get so hungry that I give up. My husband and I both did your diet this week without hunger and I feel for the first time that I will be able to make this a lifestyle change and get all my weight off.

I have to lose over 65 lbs. (30 kg) and my husband needs to lose 30 lbs. (14 kg) so we are happy, content, love the food and know that this is truly an eating plan we can live with. Thank you for your help, we were at a crossroads with our healthy and our Dr. said if we do not lose weight we could develop heart disease or diabetes. We are in our early 60s and want to be around for our grandchildren. God Bless You, I feel you are doing a huge service by helping so many people and it is a delicious satisfying meal plan. I just could not starve and stick to previous diet plans.

Thank You Very Much!

Wanda and Tom 🙂


Climbing blood sugars compelled me to take the 2 week challenge, and I'm still going strong!

The 2 week challenge has lowered my fasting sugars from 148 to a consistent 102, and I have dropped about 11 pounds (5 kg). The "icing on the cake" (yucky analogy) is that my energy has gone through the roof, I have increased mental acuity, and all with no hunger or insane sugar/carb cravings. I awaken everyday with renewed energy and an optimism I haven't felt in years.

I am going with the strict LCHF lifestyle until I can have my doctor do a new blood panel in a few weeks. I can't wait to hear how she reacts! Then maybe I can slowly begin dipping my toe into the moderate LCHF, once I reach my ultimate goal of eliminating pharmaceuticals.

For me, living the LCHF lifestyle has offered me nothing short of miraculous results. I suppose I am truly a recovering carb addict.

Thank you thank you thank you LCHF, for giving me my life back!


Hello everyone at Dietdoctor,

I am a 56 yr old/young woman who has been caught in the overweight trap for ten years now.

I began trying to control my weight but always ended up in the vicious cycle of eating 'sensibly', then constantly picking at food and finally giving up and bingeing on any sweet rubbish I could get my hands on. Needless to say this way of being has gradually drained me of hope of ever escaping, I have been greatly influenced by the low fat and low calorie paradigm and began cutting down and cutting back on the target fat foods when I was a teenager.

So that background for me can explain how astonished I was that within the first week of starting the LCHF challenge my appetite self regulated, I did not want to eat all the time, I felt satisfied and satiated after my meals and pretty quickly found I only ate one good meal a day. This was a bit disconcerting for me but I went with it. So far so good, the LCHF diet did everything it said on the tin!

I will point out that I did suffer from beginners jitters, I did feel quite rough for the first week, the stock cube broth and some coconut oil usually brought me round. Also I experienced some confusion while first navigating the site and trying to assimilate the new recipes and way of eating. I just gave myself a little extra time to read over anything I was not sure about.

I had reached a point of desperation before I encountered the Diet Doctor site and so I started to listen to a hypnosis tape to help emotional eaters and people with sugar addiction. When I started the two week challenge on April 3 2016 I found that I was well prepared mentally to leave all high carb foods aside and follow the LCHF.

This was extremely important for me because I was very attached to this type of food and without this mental prep I suspect I might not have stuck the first few days out. At the moment, lucky old me, I am on a holiday in Crete, Greece. I have no scale to weigh myself so I don't know if I have lost any more weight in my now third week eating low carb.

And by the way I did use up 8.5 lbs. (4 kg) surplus weight during my Two Week Challenge, I was very well pleased with that. I was also surprised and delighted that after the groggy stage I did get my energy back plus quite a bit more!!! I now feel that I am no longer ruled by food, l am more than happy to eat one good, tasty, satisfying meal a day.

All these changes have effected me emotionally, my mood is more stable, I feel happier, I am able to go all day without napping and sleeping , I have started some light exercise, I am getting interested in living again.

Now I know that for me this is very early days, I have a lot to learn, l fully intend to use the Diet Doctor site to continue on this path. This site is extremely well organised and accessible (especially the daily menu and recipes - excellent format and content). I loved the daily e-mail during the 2 week challenge. The presentations are very engaging, as are the presenters.

Well, all you people at, this is a very big thumbs up and heartfelt thank you from me for your very earnest and important work.

All the very best for now BBL

Dear Dr. Eenfeldt,

Thank you for your wonderfully inspirational website. I am a South African and we have been challenged for some years now by Dr. Tim Noakes. We have good friends who are both MD's who were at varsity with Tim Noakes and have debated and tried his book the Real Meal Revolution for some years now, with absolute conviction.

My husband is a keen cyclist and has after struggling for many years feeling quite drained after a long cycle, he changed his diet to a high fat and protein breakfast with wonderful results. So in all, to say, we are complete converts to this theory.

The difficult part for me has been the inspiration in making the recipes that are available in books like the Real Meal Revolution but often don't succeed as the are mostly time consuming and not quick to make for someone like myself who does not readily enjoy cooking . I was so delighted when I came across your website 3 weeks ago looking for something that would motivate me that was simple, no fuss but tasty.

My husband and I did your low carb challenge for two weeks and I would daily look forward to opening my computer with the cheerful greeting that today is MONDAY ....and just delighted in the simplicity of the layout of your website and the easy, no fuss recipes. I love the idea of cooking double for lunch the next day and so excited when I looked at the shopping lists each week to find that I did not even have to go out shopping but that all the ingredients were either in my fridge or cupboard.

I so enjoyed the videos sent each day that inspired but were not too long to overwhelm. We both lost at least 3 kg (7 lbs.) in these two weeks and motivating us to break out of our old bad habits that have slowly crept in.

I have battled with a genetic form of high cholesterol for years and was told about 8 years ago that I need to go on a low fat diet and medication. I have discovered that following an LCC diet helps stabilise my cholesterol and lower it within acceptable limits.

Thank you so much once again for the step you have taken and your fantastic vision of your website. I have highly recommended your website to many others and have joined as a full time member. I will miss not getting your email every morning and may have to just sign up again for the LCC to enjoy my meal planning for me every day.




I am hooked! Suddenly I get it - I have always struggled with hunger on other diets as I would go low fat, low carb and inevitably failed. I don't have lots to lose about a stone but sometimes that makes it more difficult. I have a good start now as pleased to have lost 4 lbs in the 2 weeks and want to keep going.

I am going to try the fasting now - well skipping breakfast anyway when I am not hungry - I used to force it down!?

Thanks so much,

This diet is amazing. It makes sense and your steps on adjusting are excellent.

I lost just under 4 kg (9 lbs.) in 2 weeks. I get headaches but salt water helps. I have an egg allergy so have been skipping breakfast most days. If I do have breakfast it's some fatty bacon. Yum!

Thanks for doing what you do. Keep going and education of the masses will spread.

The big fake food companies won't be happy, you could find yourself being offered big bucks to keep quiet... Please don't.

Thanks again

I haven't felt better in years and I lost 15 pounds (7 kg). Need I say more?

I have discovered my new way of life. I need to lose 74 more pounds (34 kg) to reach my goal weight. And I can't wait to see my next A1C results (I was pre-diabetic last time).

Thank you!

(FYI I am a 51 year old woman)


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