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I Don't Know Thursday

By Wendiw80 @asouthernyogi
I don't know what I really want to talk about today. I always have thoughts going through my head about what to say in my blog, but sometimes, I forget or have a hard time focusing. I get on little rants, which probably what I'm about to do, but I want to include pictures and not make it too long so people will read it. For me, if a blog is too long or just words, I don't always want to read it.
I don't know Thursdaygratuitous photo - that's me at a friend's wedding

Thoughts from the last few days - 
Real Housewives of Atlanta
Last night, I was watching the last episode of them being in South Africa and admittedly, I do get a little serious when talking about Africa so maybe I'm overreacting but they were talking about how much more blessed they were than the kids in Africa because they had nice homes and drove fancy cars and wore Louboutins
I don't know Thursdaysource
I love my girls on RHOA. Love them. But shoes/houses/cars does not happiness make. Maybe you're blessed because you never have to worry about where your food is going to come from. Maybe you're blessed because your children have every opportunity in the world to go to college, have a career, be safe from disease and civil war. 
I would say that if you gave every single family in Africa a choice of if they want a Hermes clutch or food on their table, they'd choose the food. I just think that's part of the perception that Americans have is that everyone wants to be like them and that we are blessed because of the abundance we have. Actually, I think what people of the world want is not affluent wealth but just some security and stability in their lives. Food, clean water, good schools and equal opportunity. 
I don't know Thursdaysource
I was trying to decide what to eat for dinner last night and had a choice of a couple of different things, Domino's, Subway, Chinese, etc. I decided on Domino's because it would last a couple of meals which we need since I am not buying any food before we go out of town (tomorrow). And this seems like such a simple concept but for whatever reason, I realized that I can eat whatever the eff I want to eat. Sometimes, I feel caged by all of the rules I have created for myself. For example, I can't eat that pizza because that pizza is bad and if the pizza is bad, then I'm bad because you are what you eat, blah blah blah. Actually, who says I can't eat that pizza. I'm a grown a** woman, I can eat what I want. 
I may be the only person that struggles with this or even thinks about this but why do I create all of these rules for myself. That's where I determine if I'm good or bad. I'm good if I eat this, I'm bad if I eat this. No, I'm just eating this - there's nothing else that goes along with it. I'm not sure if what I'm saying is making sense, but I just felt a very big sense of gratitude to realize that I can do what I want and I don't know if it has bad implications or any implications. I think it just means I want some pizza. 
I don't know Thursdayor a french fry

And that's all. Those are my thoughts for Thursday. 

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