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“I Ditched the Bread, Pasta, Rice and Potatoes”

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1

Andy gained weight and had a hard time losing it on low-fat diets. He always felt hungry and eventually gave up.

Then, three years ago he stumbled across ketogenic diets on the internet. Here's what happened when he tried one.

The E-mail

Many thanks for the opportunity to share my journey to better health.

About five years ago I moved to Australia from England. I was average weight but could be considered skinny fat at the time (not much muscle). After a year of living in a new country and eating a lot of carbohydrates and sugars my weight ballooned to 185 lbs. (84 kg). I tried to lose the weight through cardiovascular exercise and low-fat diets but this just made things worse, I was always hungry and just gained more weight when I couldn't stomach the diet anymore.

In 2013 I was looking through the internet for another solution and stumbled across ketogenic diets. I read lots of studies and participated in the forums online and adopted this lifestyle.

I ditched the bread, pasta, rice and potatoes for fatty cuts of meat, butter, cream, cheese and vegetables and the weight started falling off.

I ditched the bread, pasta, rice and potatoes for fatty cuts of meat, butter, cream, cheese and vegetables and the weight started falling off. I carried on but noticed as I was losing body fat there wasn't much muscle to make me look good; that's when I started resistance training, still on a ketogenic diet. I added some much needed muscle and seemed to lose body fat simultaneously, I felt great!

The biggest challenge was the initial cravings for sugar and bread. However, once I became fat adapted (about 6 weeks in) the cravings subsided. One thing I wish I knew when I started was not to be afraid of things like berries and tomatoes, these are okay to have on an LCHF diet, but at the beginning I was scared of their sugar content.

Fat loss was great, adding muscle was great but the true benefits from my shift in lifestyle was that I now feel healthier than ever; I have better skin, my migraines are gone, I sleep better, I don't get as many colds as I use to, I have more energy and no mental fog. I feel great!

The solution wasn't easy to find amongst the plethora of misinformation on the internet so I decided to write an e-book which has everything in it you need to get started on a ketogenic diet and why it works, it's on Amazon and called "The Ketogenic Solution: Beating the Obesogenic Environment". For those who listen to superhuman radio I was a guest on the show the other week discussing my journey and ketogenic diets, for those who want to listen in to my advise the link is below.

Super Human Radio # 1905: How Safe Is SuShi + Ketogenic Solution...

The book can be found here and is available through your host country's sites:

Amazon UK: The Ketogenic Solution: Beating the Obesogenic Environment

I also run the Ketogenic Lifestyle page on Facebook, link below for those wanting to ask any questions about ketogenic diets:

Facebook: The Ketogenic Lifestyle

Thanks for the opportunity to share my journey Andreas.



Congratulations on improving your health, Andy!

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