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I Can Finally Wear Open Backed Shoes Now

By Lilmumma08 @mummy2to0h
I have no idea how any lady likes going into those Oriental nail places and getting a pedicure… It actually freaks me out and scares me. I will sit there and almost have anxiety attacks knowing other peoples feet have been in the same bath, and the utensils have been used on others feet!!  I went to one at the start of this year with my best friend and almost vomited when they used (not sure of its name), but the things they use to scrape all the dead skin off your feet. I CANNOT stand it, and this is probably why my heels are horrible. I don’t like feet and I cannot touch them let alone put a razor to them.So when I was asked if I would like to give a new product a whirl. This product was theNEW (fairly new) Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi $38.95I can finally wear open backed shoes now
Basically this is a product you use at home to give you that in salon type of pedicure feeling. The Velvet Smooth is battery operated, and takes 4 AA batteries (included with the device.) The device spins the specially designed Micralumina roller at high speed to gently buff away rough, hard skin.I can finally wear open backed shoes nowMy heels are in TERRIBLE condition and it is quite embarrassing to be honest, I was tossing up whether or not to share the images with you. They are so cracked that when they get dirty (as seen in the images) the cracks make my heel look like it is about to shatter.MY FIRST EXPERIENCE AND THOUGHTS:At first I was a little weirded out having to use a sandpaper type product on my heels… Just did not seem right. But after popping the device on my heel, I gave out a giggle and a squirm as it tickled like all hell. There were certain parts on my heel I could not handle. Once you get used to it though, it is not so bad. I can finally wear open backed shoes now
Here you can see the dead skin flaking right offDID NOT LIKE SO MUCH…I didn’t like the fact that it made quite a lot of noise and vibration sounds. I had to crank the TV right up to be able to even partially hear them. Buuuuttttttt the product does work a treat and I will pardon the noise considering the results.On the website it does say the BENEFITS are beautifully smooth skin after 1 use. This may be the case for those with nice heels to begin with, but mine were rank and took about 2 times before I could see a difference. The before and after image is before using the express pedi at all and then after using it twice. I can finally wear open backed shoes now
Pretty gross watching all my hard, dead heel skin fly of and create what looks like dandruff on my floorboards- but hey that’s letting me know it works.You can check out the step by step instructions on how to use the Velvet Smooth Express Pedi here: shall post another photo of my progress in the coming weeks.

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