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How Your Body Detoxifies Itself (Hint: It’s NOT By Taking Laxatives!)

By Jamie Koonce @charcuterielove

How Your Body Detoxifies Itself (Hint: It’s NOT By Taking Laxatives!)

Your liver and kidneys both work as “filters” that separate toxins and metabolic waste from nutrients and important co-factors that your body needs.  In Chinese Medicine, this function is referred to as “separating the clear from the turbid.”  As you age, your body’s ability to separate the clear from the turbid slowly becomes less efficient, and your body begins to accumulate toxins that don’t get properly excreted through urine, stool, and sweat.  Most of these toxins get stored in your fat cells, and the more fat cells your body has, the more toxins you store in your body.

During a period of fat loss, these stored toxins get released into your bloodstream.  This can cause you to feel tired or irritable, or it can cause other unpleasant symptoms like headaches, foul body odor, and even flu-like symptoms.  Specific nutrients and binding agents are required in order to transform these toxins into molecules that can safely be excreted from your body.  If these nutrients and binding agents are not available, the toxins that are released from your fat cells into your bloodstream can get deposited anywhere in your body, including your thyroid gland, adrenal glands, pancreas, or any organ.  The purpose of the PaleoCleanse products is to supply the nutrients and binding agents needed to help you safely excrete toxins that are floating around in your bloodstream, lurking in your fat cells and making weight loss difficult, or hiding in your glandular and organ tissues possibly making you suffer unnecessarily from various minor or major health problems.

The important thing to take note of is that PaleoCleanse is NOT a colon cleanse!  It will not cause you to have to spend all day near a bathroom, and it doesn’t require you to go on any unusual fad diets that will end up wrecking your metabolism.  I would never sell any product that is a SCAM, anything that claims to get rid of “mucoid plaque” or “parasites,” or any product that could potentially cause harm by permanently damaging your metabolism.  And quite frankly, I also choose not to promote any products that contain gluten, aspartame, sucralose, wheat, genetically modified ingredients, synthetic ingredients, and other health-wrecking substances that have infiltrated much of the American food supply, no matter how “convincing” the marketing is on that product.  You can be sure that none of the PaleoCleanse products contain any junk.

How Your Body Detoxifies Itself (Hint: It’s NOT By Taking Laxatives!)

Hey, I have hand-picked some NEW products that I thought you would like!  Please give me feedback on what you think about these new products, and what you’d like to see in the store.  I will try to fulfill your requests.

Some of the new products include:

XanthOmega (Krill oil plus Astaxanthin for skin health, anti-aging, cardiovascular health, and for controlling inflammation)
Vitamin D and Vitamin K liquid drops (hormone health, bone health, immune health, and more)
EssentiaMeal (on-the-go liquid nutrition)
Phyt’Ether serum (anti-aging skin serum made with essential oils)
TruFlora (for a healthy digestive tract and strong immune system)

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