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How Your Attitude Reflects Your State Of Health

By Jamie Koonce @charcuterielove

How Your Attitude Reflects Your State Of Health

Have you ever noticed how two people can act completely differently in the same situation?  For instance, if the discussion turns to religion and politics at the dinner table, some people become irate when others express differing opinions from their own; others try to find some “common ground” in which everyone can agree upon.  The former way of “reacting” to such a situation is usually a sign of toxicity held deep within the physical body, whereas the latter way of acting is usually a sign of a healthy liver and efficient detoxification mechanism.

This week I had another “run in” with an angry person who called me a “troll” for writing on facebook that a vegan diet is not a species appropriate diet for humans because humans are natural omnivores — not herbivores.  I do not personally know this woman who said some incredibly mean things to me simply because I have a different opinion than she does regarding human nutrition, but when I perused her facebook photos I saw that this woman appeared to be quite unhappy and in poor health.  Her eyes had no shine, her hair looked course and dry, and her complexion was lacking vitality and brightness.  She appeared much older than her years.  According to facial diagnosis in Chinese Medicine, this woman has severe Liver Qi Deficiency & Stagnation (AKA toxicity combined with malnutrition).

It’s not the first time that angry vegans have attacked me on facebook!  If you missed what happened in January, read this.

If you’re feeling easily irritated, angry, not as happy as you’d like to be, stagnant, or less-than-vibrant, it’s probably a good time to do a thorough cleanse!  Advanced nutritional shakes like PaleoCleanse take the guesswork out of cleansing, leaving you feeling nourished instead of famished.  Zeolites can assist the body in getting rid of toxic metals and accumulated residues from plastic food packaging and drinking vessels.  If you have eaten corn or soy since 1996, you have probably eaten genetically modified organisms which can kill healthy intestinal bacteria.  Taking a daily probiotic such as Theralac or TruFlora can be a wise measure to keep your microbiota healthy in case you are unknowingly exposed to GMOs.

Have a great weekend!


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