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How to Write Chinese Characters: 12 Top Tips

By Learnmandarinnow

How to write Chinese characters is not as challenging as some people seem to think.

Sure, it’s not easy but, once you are able to recognize a number of the individual strokes and remember the correct sequence of writing the character, you’ll find that forming many characters can be quite logical.

Yet, best of all, as you begin to get the hang of writing different characters, it’s something that can be very enjoyable—and great fun!

So, here are 12 great tips or resources to help you get started in your quest to be a proficient writer of Chinese characters:

1) This article is very useful for helping beginners start to learn to write Chinese characters. Ollie is the founder of one of the top Mandarin Chinese learning blogs: Hacking Chinese and, in this guide, he shares eight key lessons for learners of Chinese characters:

2) Writing Chinese characters follows a special stroke order and, in this article, you can learn the stoke order basic rules of some simple Chinese characters:

3) Do you know that Chinese characters are not only used in Mandarin Chinese, but also in Japanese and Korean writing? You can find out more about this in this interesting article:

4) Do you know that Chinese characters include simplified characters and traditional characters? Here is a great article to explain the differences:

5) Skritter is an amazing tool to help you to learn how to write Chinese characters. Their blogs and forums contain very useful information about writing and are well with having a look at:

6) Albert is an expert in Mandarin Chinese learning and there are lots of valuable tips in his blog posts (although he is not updating his blog as often as before). If you want to learn some practical Chinese words for when travelling, you can check out the article below:

7) If you have some time and are serious about learning Chinese characters, here’s a great free lesson about Chinese writing which is divided into 12 parts:

8) This article will help you recognize a number of the most useful and practical words in daily life:

9) If you want to learn Chinese characters in a fun way, take a look at Chineasy as they have beautiful flashcards for each Chinese character:

10) How many Chinese characters do you need to know to read Chinese reasonably well? In this YouTube video, Chris from Fluent in Mandarin answers this question:

11) This is an impressive guide about learning Chinese characters. Kyle also has a Chinese characters learning course if you want to take a look:

12) If you have ever felt worried about starting to learn Chinese characters, don’t be! Take a look at this guide to understand expectations and the basic concept in learning Chinese characters:

So, there you have it—12 great tips or resources to look at to make writing Chinese characters that much easier. Once you have had a look at all or some of these links, keep practicing and we’re sure you’ll find that your skills in writing Chinese characters will be greatly enhanced!

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