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Ask Experts 004: Learning Chinese Online with Chinese Teacher Charles Cai

By Learnmandarinnow

In a number of our previous Podcasts I’ve previously recommended Italki, a platform to find online language teachers. As technology is developing, it’s now very easy and convenient to find language teachers and tutors to meet your learning needs. Yet, just how you make the most of your online classes is essential to your studies. That’s one reason why I invited a teacher of Chinese from Italki, Charles Cai, to give you his perspective about learning Chinese online and offer some of the best tips he can share to his students.

In this Podcast interview, you will learn:

(1) how online Chinese learning works; from selecting teachers and conducting classes

(2) some common mistakes students of Chinese are making

(3) how to overcome the challenges of learning tones in the early stages

(4) how listening to material only in Chinese can give you a solid foundation and improve your language skills

(5) about some ideas for learning Chinese characters, plus why you should learn such characters instead of just conversational Chinese

(6) about Charles’ advice for beginners to get started

(7) the top resources Charles recommends to his students

Mandarin Chinese resources we talked about:

(1)WeChat (微信): the most popular chatting App in China. You can use it to conduct audio or video lessons with your Chinese teachers—and it’s super convenient to use

(2) Qingting FM Radio: where you can find all different kinds of Chinese radio channels and podcasts about a variety of topics; they’re free and will give you a taste about real conversations in Chinese

(4) JUSTING: you can listen to different Chinese audio books for free, and covering numerous topics such as history, business, art etc.

(5) Charles Italki Profile:  If you want to get in touch with Charles or would like to schedule classes, you can go to his profile pages to see an introduction about him, his rates, students’ reviews etc.

Thank you for listening!

Reviews on iTunes are extremely helpful and greatly appreciated, and I read each and every one of them! If you have any questions, please do ask, make a comment below or contact us directly here. Cheers, and thanks again!

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