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How To: Tone Up!

By Yougottabegorgeousx @yougottabgorgex

Hey there gorgeous!So today for my Weight loss tip I am going to be telling you about little exercises you can do everyday that don't take up much of your time. I personally love these exercises because they really do require pretty much no amount of time and they don't take as much effort as cardiac workouts. These exercises will tone you up and you should notice results in about 1 month. When you do these exercises you want to begin with a small number of reps, something you can deal with and can do without wearing out your muscles, and then increase the number either everyday or every week depending on your fitness levels. 
So my first one is and exercise targeting your oblique muscles.How to: tone up!
My dance teacher told me about this and I have come to do this almost everyday. It is great because you don't want a completely flat stomach with flabby/un toned sides, you want an almost rounded "perfect" look. And this exercise is great for targeting more than one are of your abs.I would suggest that you do this 5 times a week 20 reps on each side to begin with and increase it by 5 every  week.
My next one it just simple squats.
This is fabulous, it is great for your bum and upper thighs. These are easier to do than ab exercises and faster so you can get more done it the time. I'm sure you have heard of the squat challenges and I really recommend you try on of them as they are fairly easy to do if you have a set amount to do everyday and you can tick them off then you are more likely to do it.


I recommend this one as it builds you up well and includes rest days!

Another exercise that I love to do if simple calf lifts but it is something you want to be very careful with.Yo u can either do this on a step (like in the picture) or just on a flat surface. I definitely recommend starting on a flat surface as it can be dangerous doing it on the stairs as there is a chance you could pull/tear a muscle.
I would say do as many as these as you can and try and increase the number of reps everyday.
My final exercise is start jumps/jumping jacks. These are great for the inner thigh and also are kind of cardio related so that can only mean good things. These are a great way to start of if you are a beginner at exercise and are really good for you.
How to: tone up!

Thank you I hope this was helpful and please tweet me if you have any more tips x x x x 

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