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How To Start a Script From A Blank Page

Posted on the 17 February 2012 by Nandu1985 @vivek_arumanda
Hello friends, Many of you may have faced this problem of starting a script on a blank paper..this post will help you how to over come this difficulty and things to do to keep up your subject right on track. When i started my very first script project for a short film i have the same problem of where to start and where to to arrange scene sequence etc., this is a natural phenomenon for any individual to bring a story from nowhere. So, these steps are just followed by me..i am posting this post for newbie's, if you are an pro writer please try to help this post to be more helpful. These are not must follow or to do things while you script for your convenience am generalizing this concept please try to understand..Any kind of comments are welcomed. I have already  discussed about How To Format A Screenplay and Basics Of Screenwriting in my previous posts. Please go through if you are not aware of.

Arrange All Your Ideas At a Place

First thing what will happen when you try to start a new script is..many number of ideas will flash in your mind without any logic or completeness at the same time without any connection between each taught. So,try to place all your scattering ideas onto a paper. Write whatever you get into your mind. After completing all this stuff, now focus on each idea and try to match them  with your  other ideas so that you may match it as a subplot for your script. Now try to fix for a good and novel idea which you got now try to write a small synopsis of it. If you are not satisfied with your ideas don’t get panic, try to search for some more we have lots of chances to do so like internet,elders,subjects,epics etc., you can get a idea from anywhere but don’t ever think in a routine way..because your script should rock from the page one. So, routine ideas should be molded in a different way. So,first fix for a good idea..but ever think about time,be patient..because this is the pillar for your script.

Research On The Subject

Yes,when you think of a subject just go out and do your research on the particular subject. Didn't understand what am talking about..? Well i will tell you..For example if you want to do a film on Global warming..what you have to do is..first you have to know the pros and cons and results of global warming without knowing that you may not able to build the subject as good as when you the concept. So, take your time do your research..get as much as data possible..use it in your script where ever it is necessary.Example For The Above Point:Ghajini: Surprised..? Well everyone of you know about Ghajini film and what kind of a blockbuster it is..You know where script writer and director A.R.Murugadoss excelled in both the departments..? Unique may be a revenge love story but “Short Time Memory Loss” is the base of the movie, and he has done lots of research on the above concept of short time memory loss. The result is a huge hit.

Write Characters Backgrounds

A script or a screenplay is nothing but a writers brainchild. Script writer is the responsible and answerable person for the viewers who have to answer each and every aspect of his script. Character building is a very important aspect of script writing..because each and every character will have a graph throughout the film. If a particular character behaves in a abnormal way in the middle of the film then you can’t do full justice to your script. Still didn’t understand..? well let me explain..For example, just think you have sketched your hero’s character as a soft and decent individual who doesn’t go for any kind of suddenly in the middle of the movie you can’t show him as a brutal murderer or a notorious criminal. And most important benefit of writing a character background helps you write a correct dialog for that character without any deviation and helps you to hit the spot. So, try to write your characters background.I will continue this concept in my next post too..please try to post your comments so that it may help me to upgrade myself in writing more related topics and boost my confidence.

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