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How To Shoot Photo Like A Hipster

By Kathrynhutton

How To Shoot Photo Like A Hipster

Unless you live under a rock you probably noticed that each and every geeky-looking hipster owns a camera and shoots everything he can reach. Walls, roads, random people in the streets… What an amazing object for a photo shoot! All in all, if you want to be as cool as these hipster fellows, learn a couple of ninja tricks from the list below.

1.First of all, buy the most expensive camera you can possibly find. Borrow money from your parents, save on breakfasts, sell a kidney – whatever… Your goal is to own the hottest camera with huge lens. Yep, good morning Mr. Hipster-To-Be – being cool comes with some expenses involved. Anyways, if you are as poor as Kenny, you still have an option: grab a cool old school camera. You can buy it on flea market or fish it out of your grandpa’s closet. Make sure you only use black-and-white film! Black and white is cool.

2.NEVER EVER shoot normal photos! Hey, this girl looks hot, why not shooting her portrait in bikini? Drop dead bikini, that’s not hipster at all! Shoot her arms, or underarms with sunset on the background, or the tip of her tongue licking ice cream. And of course, don’t forget to make it black –and-white!

3. There’s a list of must-haves for any hipster photographer. Among them are:

  • your own shoes
  • your shoes + friend’s shoes
  • your meals including breakfasts at Starbucks, picnics in the countryside, etc.
  • abandoned buildings and gloomy factories
  • poor neglected animals (remember: if you want to be a hipster, you are supposed to be vegan!)

4. Don’t forget to be dressed cool! Nobody wants your stupid pictures if you look like a lame regular person. Put your glasses, hat, checkered shirt and bow tie on and voila! – you are ready to capture the best moments of your hipster life (don’t forget: black-and-white!)

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