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Toby Burrows.

By Kathrynhutton

Toby Burrows is famous Australian photographer. Burrows is better known as an advertisement photographer. While working on the projects Burrows tries to reveal all the features of the brand he is promoting by his images. At the same time Burrows work a lot on his personal projects.

He graduated from Sydney College of the Arts in 1991 and soon after moved to London. For several years Burrows worked and lived in Great Britain. It allowed him to work with such photographers as David Bailey and Richard Avedon. “I was lucky enough to work around some great photographers. This experience gave me a good grounding of technical knowledge”. In several years Burrows decided to come back home and continue his work in Australia.

Burrows admits that he enjoys both his commercial and personal projects. He is sure that special skills are needed for professionals. At the same time while working on personal projects he is not restricted and enjoys it in full.

One of the most ironic projects created by Burrows is an series on Ambi Pur. It depicts an elderly female cleaner who is attracted to sexually seductive model. The series appeared to be very convincing and full of irony.

His project Fallen is extremely visionary and has nothing in common with his commissioned works. The series depicts naked woman hovering over unknown landscapes. Planning his project Burrows was inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite paintings. “The “Fallen” series explores both tragedy and celebration through form […] There is something in that landscape that has a surreal quality and I wanted to bring that into this project”. Indeed Fallen is supposedly is one of the most surreal series by Burrows.

Even though Burrows's images are just perfect from technical point of view he admits that “the best photographs are created when those technical “rules” are broken”.

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