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Female Stereotypes.

By Kathrynhutton

Female stereotypes.We tend to think stereotypically regarding genders. Men should be masculine and manful while women are feminine and gentle creatures who need support and appreciation. Well, actually it is fine. But there are many other stereotypes concerning genders that seem to be quite weird and awful. Generalizing features of the others you may make some silly mistakes. Seriously it would be better if people accept each other avoiding generalization. Let's see what men tend to think of women.

Well, first of all women should be mothers and caring wives. Of course it is female nature. At the same time it has some negative effects. I mean mainly it concerns career issues. Many men do not take ambitious and motivated women too seriously. At the same time the situation has been changing day-by-day. Many women prefer career to family. Moreover many women seem to be more motivated and proactive than their partners. And seems like it is absolutely okay. The process is natural.

At the same time some of the stereotypes could be harmful. If you accept your woman as a housekeeper who are obliged to have children and bring them up it may cause some difficulties in your relationship. Probably she doesn't care much about it and doesn't want to have a family. Are you ready to it? You should simply change your attitude. Nowadays women are pretty competitive and more interested in materialistic values. They do what they want.

Women can't do serious things. It is believed that women can not be technicians, scientists or politicians. It least it seems to be strange. They believe that women by nature are more sensitive and emotional creatures. It means that many fields are not for them. They are intended for other things. This stereotype causes gender discrimination. In fact it leads to the situation when a woman is denied a promotion. Anyway we know that there are a lot of successful female politicians, scientists and technicians in the world.

Another example of gender discrimination is a situation when women earn lower wages. In fact they do the same job. Supposedly it is the most shameful example of sexism.

In many countries women are accepted as equal. Thus quite often women do military service. This practice is widespread in Israel. Military service becomes more popular among American women as well.

Some are sure that women are less intellectual than men. Once again as the rule this stereotype leads to gender discrimination and as a result to wage gap. It means that quite often in college or university boys would be treated better then girls. It may cause a situation when girls become less motivated. Of course it depends on a person. But at the same time many girls become less interested in the sphere.

It is widely believed that women are dependable on men. Some men are sure that women can do nothing without male help and support. Of course it happens so as well. But it turns out quite often that in fact men are more dependable on women.

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