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How to Reverse Diabetes and Lose 93 Pounds Without Hunger

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1

What an amazing transformation. Peter struggled for a long time with his weight - he had to give up every possible diet because of always feeling hungry. Instead he got type 2 diabetes, at the age of just 32. And the advice he got just made it worse.

Finally in desperation he searched for other options on google. He found this site and others. Here's what happened:

The Email

Hello Andreas,

First of all I would like to thank you for all you are doing. The information you and others share were life saving for me.

My name is Peter Szombati and I live in Transylvania-Romania and this is my story. I was a normal weight child and had normal weight until my early 20s' (about 185 lbs, 85 kg). Then I started to work at a place were I had to sit a lot and started to ignore home-made food and opted for fast food and soft drinks.

From 185 lbs (85 kg) in my early 20s' I went to 309 lbs (140 kg) at 25. It didn't get any better even though I have tried every possible diet. I always lost some weight but put it all back on in the next months because I was always hungry.

Eventually, when I turned 32, my blood results showed I was a type 2 diabetic. I was always tired, was sweating a lot, was always thirsty etc. My doctor gave me a "type 2 diabetic" guide book. I still have it today, even though it is rubbish. The first picture you see when you open the book is that stupid food pyramide.

Anyway, I started to live like the food pyramide says (no more coca cola, but orange juice, full corn breads, low fat stuff) and my diabetes got worse, I got fatter and more tired then I was before.

Now the problem was that I am also married and have two little boys and a beautiful wife and had no physical or mental power for the entire time. This went on like this until May 2014, with a lot of stress because the way I looked (stress for me) and the way I felt (always tired). In March 2014 my doctor told me that my metformin is no longer enough (taken for 2 years), so that he would have to put me on insulin soon.

I have an aunt who has had type 2 diabetes for some years and she was on insulin and that scared the hell out of me. I didn't like to poke my fingers all day long for my blood-sugar testing, and now I was going to take insulin shots all the time, and that for life?! I was scared and my weight was at 317 lbs (144 kg.)

After meeting with my doctor I went home and started to researched (without lots of optimism, because the doctor told me diabetes type 2 is for life, i should get used to it) first on google. I was surprised how much info I found by the first hit. Then I started to select the info I found and read day and night. I could not stop reading and the information I found (from you and other professors and doctors) was impressive.

I have started my journey, skeptical but with a positive mind, because I always had liked real food in my past, I just had got disconnected from it for some reasons...

In my first month I lost 10 kg. I know, it was water. But I also measured my blood glucose levels every day (about 6 times) and realized after just 2 weeks of LCHF that I didnt need the medication anymore, my blood glucose levels went down from 185 (with metformin) to 75 - 90 (with food). My mental and physical energy went from -100 to +500. Since then I am so fit, I guess I never was like this before.

My diet is a very strict LCHF. I'm now a year into my new life and I have lost 42 kg, I always have energy and am an active husband and father. I found a new passion, I cook together with my wife really delicious foods, I could not have imagined doing this before.

In the past I also had severe sleep apnea and stressful snoaring. All is gone. My blood results have all improved. I'm including some before and after pictures.

Thank you for informing people. I also inform by giving the information to my friends, family and to all the people I meet who mention they would like to change. My biggest dream is to become a LCHF registered nutritionist some day, because I love to speak and spread the truth.

I have watched all your posted movies on this theme, but also the ones of Dr. Noakes, Dr Volek and Dr. Attia. All are very impressive works on health of humanity and I just hope that the message gets through to people.

With all my respect,



What a fantastic success story Peter, congratulations and best of luck in helping others!

Your Story

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How to Reverse Diabetes and Lose 93 Pounds Without HungerMore than a hundred health and weight success stories How to Reverse Diabetes and Lose 93 Pounds Without HungerHow to Reverse Diabetes and Lose 93 Pounds Without HungerHow to Reverse Diabetes and Lose 93 Pounds Without HungerHow to Reverse Diabetes and Lose 93 Pounds Without Hunger
How to Reverse Diabetes and Lose 93 Pounds Without Hunger


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