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How to Replace a Treadmill Belt?

By Fitnessmeetsfrosting @fitnessfrosting

If you are a fitness freak and want to stay in shape while at home, treadmills are truly made for you as they are a reliable way to do so. During this era of the Pandemic of Covid-19, it has become impossible to carry out your workout routine in gyms. Because of treadmills, we are pretty much able to continue our running routine at home. Treadmills are exceptional as they permit you to conduct a great workout without getting worried about the elements.

Having said that, most of the home market treadmills aren't flawless. Those treadmills require great maintenance and their components need to be replaced from time to time. You may find the treadmill belt falling apart in less than a year, which would make you think about replacing it. But how to replace treadmill drive belt? This repair guide will help you to do it efficiently.

You should keep in mind that even the high-end belts become worn out, yet it is hard to figure out if they really need to be replaced. You need to check on your belt daily to see if it's safe to use. Before getting you to the actual guide, let's check out if your treadmill belt is ready to be replaced.

Your belt is slipping out

Your treadmill belt can slip out, which implies that as you run forward it randomly staggers. this might become dangerous for you to carry on with it. If you come across this issue, then you need to shift it off and see how much limp is there.

Your belt is out of lubrication

Your belt needs to be properly lubricated in order to be moved over the rollers evenly. Try lifting up your belt to check if the wax present on your belt has dried up. You might need to detach the belt completely to check it out thoroughly.

Your belt is giving smooth feels

This one is easy to spot if your belt is shabby. It is recommended to remove your belt completely and examine it by running your hand over the belt and check if you find smooth areas or dark patches.

Get along with these steps of removing the treadmill belt and installing a new one.

  • First of all, you need to unplug the treadmill. Turning it off isn't enough as it may get hurt if you press a button.
  • Loose and remove the screws around the motor hood. This would permit you to detach the motor hood from the front of the treadmill frame.
  • Following that, find out the front roller bolt and rare roller bolt and mark up their positions using a permanent marker.
  • Make use of the bolt at the treadmill's rear in order to lose the belt. It should be limping in a way that a hand can get fixed underneath it.
  • Pull out the adjustment bolt at the front roller completely.
  • Not every treadmill follows the same procedure, if you own a high-end treadmill then you might not come across bolts and staples. If you do not find them on your treadmill, then refrain from removing them forcibly.
  • Although if you find bolts and staples on your treadmill, then you can pull them out using a flat head screwdriver. If you find screws you can simply detach them.
  • As you remove 3 or 4 deck roller bolts from your treadmill, you can go for removing the rear roller screws. Along with that, remove the plastic caps as well.
  • It is common that treadmills come with side handrails present on the right side and joined with the treadmill's base. If you find any, just remove them from the treadmill.
  • After that, you would remove the walking belt and this would require two persons. However, it can be done by a single person too. One person would be required to raise the deck and carry the front roller close to the pulley, while the other would detach the belt.
  • Prior to installing the new treadmill belt, ensure that the deck board surface is not crumbling. Also, clean the rollers and remove the debris or any wax present on them.
  • The person who is raising the deck and carrying the front roller should not drop them before the walking belt is fitted. The other should slide the new belt on the board and right-side sellers.
  • As soon as the belt is fitted, you can now elevate the deck and look underneath to check if the belt is perfectly lined up to the center.
  • After this, go on with replacing rear rollers and end caps. And then come over to rear roller bolts, and ensure not to tighten them yet.
  • As you attach the deck bolts, you can tighten them up. Bolts on the front need to be tightened up too and don't forget to position the bolts where they were marked before.
  • In the case of high-end treadmills, there are straddle covers that need to be replaced.
  • Reattach the walking belt according to the marks of the rear roller bolts.
  • Plugin the treadmill and maintain its speed to 4kph. Test the belt by walking on the treadmill. If it slips you can turn the right and left adjustment bolts for once. Then try testing the treadmill belt again.
  • To fix the belt to the center, raise its speed a little bit, and utilize the left side adjustment bolt to track the belt a quarter a turn. Repeat the same until the belt is set in the center.
  • If you feel satisfied with your treadmill's performance, you can fix the motor hood back in place.
  • Finally, lubricate the board using the silicone lubricant, or treadmill belt glue, and spread it thoroughly over the board evenly. This can be achieved by running on the treadmill for quite some time.

How to Replace a Treadmill Belt?

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