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How to Manage Your Relationship and Your Career

By Classycareergirl @classycareer

Today's guest post is all about maintaining a strong relationship with your significant other even though you are very busy with no spare time!.  Mariana Ashley is a freelance writer who particularly enjoys writing about online colleges. She loves receiving reader feedback, which can be directed to mariana.ashley031 or by leaving a comment on this post.How to Manage Your Relationship and Your Career
As many of us know, maintaining a strong and happy relationship with a significant other when one or both members of the relationship are busy with a separate career life can be an extremely difficult endeavor. With busy schedules, giant career goals, endless side projects, and so much more, a boyfriend or husband can become more of a stress factor than a source of relief for the classy career girl. While preserving a healthy relationship when you are married to your career and aspirations can be difficult, it does not have to be impossible. Follow these four tips to help manage your relationship alongside your career without letting either suffer.

  1. Be Flexible - One of the most important aspects of a relationship is being able to relax with your significant other after a long day at work. However, as we all know, relationships don't always encourage relaxation. Be sure to be flexible and easy going with your relationship on days where work is especially stressful. As difficult as it can be, be sure to leave your work stresses at work. Come home to your significant other and relax. Don't stress when plans fall through or don't go as planned. Your dates are not a work assignment, so you do not have to be a perfectionist about them. Keeping your work stresses separate from your personal life will benefit not only your relationship, but also your work life. Try hard to also keep relationship stresses out of your work life. While compartmentalizing these two endlessly important aspects of your life can be challenging, it is essential to leading a healthy and happy professional and personal life.
  2. Do the Little Things Together - Not every minute that you spend with your significant other has to be a four course meal and a movie. You have to tone down your expectations. Just because you can't spend all of your time with him, doesn't mean that the time you do spend with him has to live up to fairytale status always. Do the little things together, so that you can be together more often. Plan to go to the grocery store together, make dinner together, have a spring cleaning day together, and get lunch together during the work day. These little events may seem small or insignificant, but they can be key to staying connected to your boyfriend or husband when you have limited spare time.
  3. Plan Bigger Outings- While doing the small things together is important and key for the busy career oriented couple, planning big outings and events with one another occasionally is important. Find a weekend or holiday that you will have some time away from work and take a small (or not so small) vacation with your beau. Plan a weekend full of big meals and fancy dates. Go dancing. Spice things up and keep things interesting. As a busy working lady, it can be easy to forget to stop and take some time off for yourself and your loved one. Take a break to really pamper each other away from your professional lives.
  4. Learn To Spend Time Alone- While this may sound counterproductive for an article about maintaining a healthy relationship with a significant other, spending some time with yourself is really important for a busy career woman. You need to be able to spend time by alone away from your profession and away from your relationship every now and again. Take this time to think about things. Reflect on your career goals, think about your significant other, and take time for yourself. Learning to be able to spend time apart from one each other even when you could be together is important. You can't expect to spend all of your spare time away from your job with your significant other. That is too much pressure for him and too stressful for you. Relax on your own.

Readers - How do you maintain strong relationships while managing your busy schedules and career goals?
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