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How to Make Kaya Using Panasonic Sd-p104 Breadmaker

By Dariel

Frog and I had attended the cooking demonstration at Panasonic Singapore organised by OMY SG last Saturday. With advance technology, you can cook delicious meal easily using innovative kitchen appliance.

Panasonic Workshop_1

I am surprised that the Panasonic SD-P104 Bread Maker can be also use to prepare fresh kaya. Last year December,  I had attended thePanasonic SD-P104 bread maker cooking demonstration and had gotten myself a bread maker than. In love with using the bread maker to bake fresh and delicious buns and bread loaf.  I can’t wait to try making the kaya and use them as filling to make kaya bun!


6 eggs

220g Sugars

250ml Thick Coconut Milk (extracted from 1 freshly grated coconut)

10 Pandan leaves (Chopped finely with 3 tbsp water) – To extract pandan juice.

2 tsp Potato Starch (Add 2 tsp water)

1/8 tsp Pandan Essence


1. Place eggs, sugar, coconut milk, 3 tbsp pandan juice and essence in a mixing bowl.

2. Whisk mixture with hand whisk for about 5 mins, till sugar dissolves.

3. Pour mixture into bread pan.

4. Set bread maker to cake mode #12. Display shows 12 mins.

5. After 12 mins, stir mixture with spatula, next press start to continue baking.

6. Stir in between baking time.

7. Last 1-2 mins of baking time, stir in potato starch mixture.

8. Pour out mixture into a mixing bowl, use hand blender to blend till mixture is smooth.

9. Let the kaya jam cool down, transfer the kaya into container.

10. Keep refrigerated.

Panasonic Workshop_2

Love the smooth and rich pandan taste kaya that goes will with the baked white bread. Preservative free home made kaya!

Besides making kaya using the bread maker, we are taught how to make local delights such as herbal emperor chicken, and yam and pumpkin kueh using Panasonic Microwave oven NN-CS894. Here are the pictures.

Panasonic Workshop_3

Panasonic Workshop_4

Fried Shallot using Panasonic Microwave oven NN-CS894

Panasonic Workshop_5

Yam and Pumpkin Kueh

Thanks OMY SG for the cooking demo demonstration. Cooking is made easy!

Have a great week ahead everyone

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