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How to Make a GIF Image Easily

Posted on the 18 November 2012 by Geekybrains @sreekanth_br

Yesterday Oxford Dictionary Press has announced the word of the year. As usually it has announced 2 separate words, one for American English and another for British English. 
The point which created curiosity in us is that a technical abbreviation has selected as the word of the year.

How to make a GIF image easily

a GIF image by OXFORD Press Blog

Coming to the point the word “GIF” has been selected as word of the year. Also the concept of GIF image has completed 25 years by this year.
So I have decided to write an article how to make a GIF image with simple steps.
For creating a GIF image you can have many options but GeekyBrains recommends you to choose a standard application “GIMP”. GIMP is one of the best open source graphics editor. You can download it from site. Basically it is a Linux application but it has Windows compatibility version also. So download GIMP. It is useful in so many ways.
As we know that GIF image is a visual loop between several images. As a result we will get a feel of watching a moving image. So choose your images from which you want to create a gif image. Let us say you have 2 images shown as below.

How to make a GIF image easily

1st image

How to make a GIF image easily

2nd image


Now open GIMP and drag your first image into it. Now click Ctrl+l ,which will open layer options (of course it may be opened defaulty).

How to make a GIF image easily

add 1st image to GIMP

Then drag the second image on to first image. Now go to layer window and make a copy of the second image. 

How to make a GIF image easily

2nd image added on first image by drag and drop method

How to make a GIF image easily

Right click on 2nd image name in layer window and select duplicate option

 Now save the image as .GIF file extension. Click “save”. Then a window will open where you have choose save as animation.

How to make a GIF image easily

choose "save as animation"

   In the next step You have to choose the delay as 300ms(your wish but this is ideal one) and frame disposal as one frame per layer. Choose target to save the GIF image.

How to make a GIF image easily

choose delay as your wish but better to choose greater than 200ms

With this you will get the following output GIF image with 300ms transition from image1 to image2.
How to make a GIF image easily

    That’s all . you have created your first GIF image. 
    Thanks to GIMP……. :)

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