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How to Increase Your Odds for Healthier Aging

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1

What's the biggest issue stopping us from enjoying life in older age, and what can you do to increase your odds for healthier aging? And why are some indigenous populations basically free of Western modern diseases?

Ivor Cummins recommends that we take personal responsibility and learn what the correct root-cause actions are to secure our future and make sure we see the grandchildren grow up. The master measure for cardiac disease is the calcification scan, and with the right tools you can stop and reverse calcification of the arteries.

This is our #17 published presentation from the Low Carb Denver conference. Find all the earlier ones here.

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Ivor Cummins: The crux of the matter; we spent 50 years with the media and governments and everyone in health staring at cholesterol... still are, right? At the risk of not addressing the elephant in the room, far more rich causes in our target list.

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