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How to Increase Energy Levels

By Geoff Griffiths @mmatraining1980

Not a morning person? Or an afternoon person? Hopefully these tips will help –

How to Increase Energy Levels

1. Breath Work – Deep & Powerful Breaths

Don’t ask me how this works, it just does!

Deep, powerful breaths, definitely give me more energy.

Try breathing in for a count of 4, holiday for 2, then breathing out powerfully for a count of 4.

Expand the belly and lungs as you breathe in.

Flatten the belly as you breathe out.

If you’re feeling brave, try this standing up with some sexy arm movements

2. Movement – Lymph Drainage

Sitting down makes you feel shite for several reasons…muscles become stiff, ‘energy’ (chi and all that) gets trapped and your lymphatic system stops working.

The best way to get energised is to move…not always practical but if you can skip or bound (like on a trampoline) for 10 minutes, that will be excellent for your lymphatic system, which in turn will bring all kinds of health benefits.

It’s also a quick way to get warm and the blood pumping. I do this when I get home from work after 8 hours at a desk and another 2 hours in a car. I feel exhausted despite the lack of physical output.

3. Ketogenic Diet

I’m a fan of an alkaline-ketogenic diet.

By having a low carb diet, your body produces ketones, which are a much more efficient fuel for the brain. The ketones have potent anti-inflammatory benefits and many people on a ketogenic diet report feeling euphoric and focused.

The big issue with ketogenic diets, is the keto-flu. Basically you will feel like crap for the first 2 weeks of reducing carbs.

Read up and seek professional advice before attempting this diet.

4. Reduce Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is thought to be responsible for a range of health issues including depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue and a range of other diseases.

Reduce inflammation levels, feel better and increase energy levels by cutting out sugar and fast-acting carbohydrate foods such as white bread.

Consume a natural anti-inflammatory such as cherry juice, omega 3 fish oil and/or turmeric.

How to Increase Energy Levels

Selfie Wanker – with Cherry Juice Concentrate – My Pre Workout

Cut out deep fried foods and vegetable oils.  Consume probiotic foods.

Mucus producing foods such as dairy and meat may also need to be reduced. Organic ginger is a great food for reducing mucus.

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