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How to Grow Your Nails

By Yougottabegorgeousx @yougottabgorgex
I have bitten my nails all my life, and I have now finally got my nails the longest and strongest they have ever been. 
How to Grow Your Nails
As you can see my nails were really really short, I literally bit them until they were almost non existent. So in summer I had a gel manicure, and that was when the habit began to fade. 
How to Grow Your Nails
So a gel manicure lasts about two weeks and literally is a coat of gel. The gel makes the nail so much stronger. Also if you're like me you won't want to bite your nails when they are pretty so that means two weeks without being damaged.  It is said that a habit is supposed to break after 28 days, so I got another gel manicure.
How to Grow Your Nails
This time I got a french manicure and it made my nails look longer than they actually were. So after the month I had without biting my nails I didn't want to bit them again. My nails are still slightly weak and can bend but I just try not to fiddle with them and bend them. So really all you need is will power. Which is probably not what you want to hear because everything is easier when you can just buy something.
After my gel manicures, I relied mainly on two products to keep my nails healthy, OPI Nail Envy and nail oil/cuticle cream. The OPI Nail Envy is the only nail strengthener that I think really works, it is a really good product, the only downfall is the price but you can get it cheaper online. Firstly I used a Sally Hansen Oil but when that ran out I purchased that Burts Bees Cuticle Cream and I love this. It keeps my nails feeling nourished and helps them grow nicely.
How to Grow Your Nails
This is my third gel manicure and you can see my nails have grown a considerable amount. I don't let them get to long as I don't want them to break so I file them twice a week or so and this is another thing that has kept them growing healthily. 
Do you have any advice on growing nails? What products do you use?
Allie x

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