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How To Format A Screenplay-Basics And Fundamentals

Posted on the 09 February 2012 by Nandu1985 @vivek_arumanda

Hello friends, this is the posts demanded by lots of reader like how to format a screenplay in a systematic order. Till date i didn't find time to to post this valuable topic..and most importantly i will just explain the main topics and will go to core details in my forth coming articles. Just before going into the concept i want to clarify a doubt expressed by lots of readers that what’s is the difference between a story,script and screenplay..


Story: This is nothing but a raw synopsis of the subject that what you are dealing about..that is there are no rules to be followed are just creating the raw subject like Aladdin and Arabian Nights..there won’t be any details..just narrating the concept like a story that’s it..


Difference Between a Screenplay And Script: Don’t ever get confused between a script and screenplay..screenwriting is the oldest form of writing type and mostly used by Hollywood screenwriters, whereas in other parts of the world its a different case. If you are writing something for  any television program or for a radio then it is called a script,if you are writing for a television it is called teleplay..if you want to know different categories and types read this post Categories Of Films whereas a screenplay is a detailed script with everything narrated like name of the character,dialogues etc., a script can be screenplay but a screenplay cannot be a script without any dramatization.

Types in Scripts

There are types of scripts:

Spec Script

Shooting Script

Spec Script: A Spec script is nothing but a detailed script without any numbering the scenes and the writer  writes by his own without any payment are target assigned.

Shooting Script: Shooting script is nothing but each and every scene is numbered and a paid writer will handle this kind of script. Numbering the scenes is called Script locking. I will write a detailed post on script locking in detail later.

Elements Of Screenplay

  1. Slug lines
  2. Action
  3. Parenthetical
  4. Character’s Name
  5. Dialogue
  6. Transitions

All the above are called the elements of screenplay. In my earlier posts i have explained each and everything in details,if you didn’t go through that post please read this How To Format A Screenplay-Screenwriting Tips. My next post would be steps to be followed for making a small idea into a full bound script. Please do follow. Please do give your feedback in comments form.

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