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How To Find Your Own Personal Career Style Video

Posted on the 02 March 2012 by Classycareergirl @classycareer

Hi Classy Career Girls (and guys)!  It’s Friday!  That means that it should be networking interview day BUT my interview is actually happening today which doesn’t give me much time to get the post done and out to you.  So instead I am showing you a sneak peek video of Classy Career Girl Academy.  I originally planned to launch the Academy this Spring but I instead decided to revamp it and make it much, much better.  So for the time being, I want to share it with you now for free.

Here is one of my FAVORITE videos I created about how to find your own personal style. If you are like me, there is one thing that you want more than anything.  Someone to magically tell you what to wear, what looks good and how to look professional. It can be hard and expensive to buy an entire professional working wardrobe.  Hopefully, the tips in today’s video will help you stand out and feel comfortable in the office. One of my favorite pieces of style advice is to have flair!  A person with flair has the remarkable combination of style and self, a brainy desire to stand out and be noticed right from the beginning. You can tell when you are trying to be someone else and you aren’t comfortable in your own clothes.  You have to find inspiration to find your own personal style. Finding your unique style helps you achieve a sense of confidence and comfort in the way you dress.

Watch this video with my three tips on how to find your own individuality and personal style.

  1. Pinterest (Follow Classy Career Girl’s boards here)
  2. Polyvore
  3. Create a fashion inspiration board

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” – Gore Vidal

How have you find your own personal style?


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