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How to Create a Small Garden at Home

By Adityasam @foralitelife
Balcony garden Cities are fast becoming concrete jungles and highly congested places with little importance given to greenery. You and me both would love to support the cultivation of greenery at every place possible but that is something which we can't do isn't it? But, mind you, we both have to agree that our homes are the places where our real heart is. So, I ask why not support greenery at the place we love the most, our homes?
Planting a small garden in your balcony or your living room can come a long way in supporting greenery and you can't find a better place too, your home!
Planting a garden would require you to know certain things like how to maintain the garden, what plants would be ideal, it's benefits and what you should do in case of a crisis.
Without any delay, let me list out the most ideal plants for a small garden at home;

Ideal Indoor Plants for a Garden at Home

  • Areca Palm, Redneck Palm and Rhapis Palm. All 3 of the palm species are ornamental and environment-friendly. Here's how they'd look;

    Areca Palm

    Areca Palm

    Redneck Palm

    Redneck Palm

    Rhapis excelsa

    Rhapis Palm

  • Varieties of Fern like 'Boston Fern'

    Boston Fern - Day 78

    Boston Fern

  • Red Ivy

    Red Ivy

    Red Ivy

  • Varieties of Dracaena


    Dracaena Pot

  • Indoor Varieties of Lily


    Lilies for Home Garden

  • Indoor Bamboo Plants

    Indoor Bamboo Plant

    Indoor Bamboo Plant

  • Anthurium


    Anthurium Pot

All the plants mentioned above are both environment-friendly and ornamental as well. They certainly would make a good garden in your balcony or your living room.
Some more suggested plants that would be ideal for a home garden are; Chrysanthemum; though these species are available only in Spring and Winter and the other being Ficus Benjamina, popularly known as 'Weeping Fig'
Next, it is important to know how to maintain your plants, these are some handy tips to maintain your little home garden;

Tips for Proper Maintenance of a Garden at Home

  • Potted plants thrive better when placed in the balcony or the window because they usually receive optimum sunlight and temperature.
  • Enough importance should be given to ventilation too; Plants should be placed where there is enough air supply or ventilation and natural light.
  • If sufficient place isn't available, you can place the plant indoors on one day and in the balcony on the next day alternatively.
  • Using pesticides every fortnight (15 days) is best recommended.

Benefits of Having a Home Garden

There are rarely any disadvantages of creating a home garden except that your plants may invite too many insects for pollination and nectar etc. Otherwise, these are the benefits of creating a home garden;
  • Reduces the amount of Carbon Dioxide in your home and close spaces around.
  • Fresh supply of Oxygen every morning. Good for yoga and meditation.
  • Reduces the volatile organic compounds in your indoor spaces.
  • Plants like Lilies and Chrysanthemum release fragrant and fresh odors, that makes for a comfortable and peaceful living.

Your Thoughts on This?...
So, there you are, you know what plants would be ideal,the tips to maintain that home garden and it's benefits. Now, I'd like to know what other plants you'd suggest? Some more tips on Maintenance? Any more benefits that I might have missed? Let me know in the comments below.

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