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How to Choose a Valentines Nightwear Gift

By Tamarstylist @tamarstylist

How to choose a great valentines nightwear gift

Ah the most romantic day of the year is beginning to loom large on the horizon, and to make sure that you are getting the best gift for that special lady, now is the time to start thinking lads. Sorry about that, but remember the brownie points you earn by making a good choice of gift will pay dividends in the future, when you want to slope off and watch the footie at the pub with your mates instead of helping her rearrange the front room for example! We know how much lads hate shopping so we have put together this helpful two part guide to choosing the perfect pressie. This first part tells you what to consider when shopping for your lady, and part two which follows soon shares three of our favourite items to give you a head start.

Now, unsurprisingly nightwear is a popular and suitable valentines gift, maybe not for the earliest stage of a relationship, but for any of you who have been dating your lovely lady for at least 6 months now, and definitely ideal for those in cohabiting scenarios. But there are rules lads! Now, firstly getting to grips with style. You need to consider the sorts of things you have seen her in before, the sort of thing she would choose for herself and feel comfortable wearing. Personally I am not particularly in love with my own figure, I know my hubby loves it which is what counts hey! To that end I would feel very self conscious in a very skimpy number, and would probably cry if I opened a size 10 and couldn’t squeeze my ample frame in my new gift. Now there is your second lesson! Make sure you get the right size, of course things can be exchanged but for our self esteem, our man getting the right size makes us feel much happier about the world. If in doubt check the label of some thing she already owns, and if your still not sure, give us a shout and we can see if we can help! Finally make sure you order it in plenty of time, and if needs be let us gift wrap it for you, all that you need to do then is book the table at her favourite restaurant.

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